Dylan O'Brien and Logan Lerman: Have the 'only good looking white boys with talent' actually become has-beens?

Dylan O'Brien and Logan Lerman: Have the 'only good looking white boys with talent' actually become has-beens?
Dylan O'Brien and Logan Lerman (Getty Images)

Movie buffs remember the 28-year-old actor Dylan O'Brien well for his lead role as Thomas in the sci-fi trilogy 'Maze Runner' which broke box office records on its three-film release between 2014 and 2018. Similarly, Logan Lerman is another promising actor of Hollywood, who is popular for his phenomenal role of Charlie Kelmeckis in 2012's coming-of-age drama 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'. Somehow, both actors haven't witnessed their career take off despite having worked in films and shows which were commercially and critically lauded. 

Between 'Maze Runner' in 2014-2018 and up until now, O'Brien has featured in 'Deepwater Horizon', 'American Assassin' and 'The Education of Fredrick Fitzell' which is yet to be released. Lerman, on the other hand, besides acting in 'Fury' in 2014, had only served as executive producer for films such as 'Indignation' and 'The Vanishing of Sidney Hall'. He returned to acting with Amazon Prime's 'Hunters' in 2020.

The two actors who had pretty much disappeared from the limelight suddenly started to trend today (May 21) on Twitter when one of their fans shared a post commenting on the tragedy that's befallen their respective careers. The tweet read, "Dylan O'Brien and Logan Lerman are the only good looking white boys with talent but they both have bad filmographies post-2014 and that's the real tragedy we had to all witness."

The tweet soon went viral clocking over 22,000 likes and has been re-tweeted over 3k times. While some fans agreed to the original tweet, many took to the platform to express a different opinion saying both actors have continued showcasing their brilliant skills in movies and shows that were made after 2014. One fan noted that Lerman's latest Amazon original series 'Hunters' which released in February has been his best work since 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'. 

The tweet stated, "WHAT have literally none of you seen Hunters???? it's by far the best performance Logan Lerman has put in since Perks of Being a Wallflower. y’all sleeping on Hunters smh." Meanwhile, a few fans expressed that O'Brien deserved better recognition for his role in 'American Assassin'. "forget 'looks'... Dylan O'Brien is one of the best actors of our generation. very underrated," said one fan. Reacting to the original tweet, another fan said, "We can only hope they get some good projects soon."


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