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Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin go on double date amid social distancing, fans call them disrespectful 'morons'

The couple hosted a picnic date and called it 'The Quarantine Cafe' and they also had people from a picnic company arrive and set the date up for them
Dylan Barbour, Hannah Godwin (Getty Images)
Dylan Barbour, Hannah Godwin (Getty Images)

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin from 'Bachelor in Paradise' are now facing the wrath of fans after the couple had a double date amid social distancing and lockdown during the current pandemic.

The couple, who recently celebrated their engagement with a surprise bash, is facing backlash from fans after they uploaded videos on Instagram of them having a double date. While most celebrities and reality tv stars are socially distancing themselves to fight the spread of  COVID-19 and urging followers to stay at home, Dylan and Hannah are doing just the opposite.

Recently the couple took to their respective Instagram accounts and uploaded videos of them having a double date. The couple hosted a picnic date and called it 'The Quarantine Cafe'. They also had people from a picnic company arrive and set the date up for them. 

While the couple might have thought it was a good idea to host a double date and have people come set it up for them, despite being told to practice social distancing, they are now facing backlash from fans who are calling them disrespectful and disgusting.

Fans are shocked to see that they aren't taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously despite former bachelor Colton Underwood recently testing positive with the virus.

Taking to Reddit a fan wrote, "I get it’s a sponsored post, but definitely tone deaf and makes them look like they dgaf about this pandemic since they’re influencers.
Cant wait for them to make a post encouraging social distancing in a few days pretending like this never happened!!!" 

"Wow. I just looked on Hannah's story and I think this is the most out of touch thing I’ve ever seen from an influencer. She’s trying to apply Instagram aesthetic to social distancing... which requires her to not actually distance. These morons are a great match huh," a fan shared. Another added saying, "This is the most narcissistic tone deaf thing I’ve seen all day and I live in Florida." 

Fans also pointed out this isn't the first time the couple socialized despite been asked to stay indoors. A fan wrote, "Hannah and Dylan were quarantining in his apartment, then they went to his moms house like a few days ago and his bff joined him."

Another shared, "They also went out with HA for dinner when it was announced we should all practise social distancing. And like the next day Hannah G posted on her IG story them going to the store with Dylan touching and rubbing up all the pillows while laughing." 

"It's such a slap in the face to all the people who are making sacrifices and doing the right thing," a fan said. While another wrote, "Dylan is clearly a jackass and Hannah G is no queen." 

This isn't the first time Dylan is facing backlash from fans. Earlier this month, he took to Twitter calling the pandemic a "hysteria" and fans were raging about that as well. "I hope the Hanks continue to document this publicly. Hopefully it will help the hysteria die down," Dylan tweeted

A fan replied saying, "This isn’t hysteria. People are dying, these precautions need to be taken. We’re in the beginning phases rn it’s only projected to get exponentially worse based on REAL STATISTICS and REAL SCIENCE." Another wrote, "Look at Italy and then tell me this is hysteria.. just because it most likely will not affect you, it will affect your parents, aunts and uncles."