'DWTS' Britney Week: Matt James should've been at the bottom, not Kenya Moore

Matt James might be a Britney fan, but 'DWTS' fans weren't impressed by his performance

                            'DWTS' Britney Week: Matt James should've been at the bottom, not Kenya Moore
Lindsay Arnold and Matt James as seen on 'Dancing With The Stars' (Instagram/ DancingABC)

For '90s kids, it was hard to escape the power and influence of Britney Spears. With her music constantly topping the charts, practically everyone from the '90s is familiar with her music. This week on 'Dancing With The Stars', the celebrities were thrilled to perform to some of her hit tracks, seeing that most of them are longtime fans.

Matt James even admitted that he had a poster of Spears up on his wall and was most certainly a fan. He also pointed out that it was a time in his life when his mother worked hard to provide for him and his brother and hence this performance was dedicated to her. He and pro Lindsay Arnold danced the Tango to 'Scream & Shout' by will.i.am ft. Britney Spears.


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Here's what the judges had to say -- Len Goodman noted that James had plenty of action and attack. However, he needed to focus on his footwork. Carrie Ann Inaba pointed out that there was refinement in his dancing and he should keep at it. Bruno Tonioli said that while he noticed the obvious concentration on his face, he thought it was very well done.

While the judges were focused on James' dancing, fans were distracted by the odd black and white visuals that played in the background. "Was anyone else totally distracted by the softcore porn graphics behind Matt and Lindsay during "Scream And Shout" #dwts" tweeted a fan. "Matt James dedicates his Britney Spears dance to his mom, and then the display behind him is just a Calvin Klein ad lol what is going on this is for mama? #dwts30 #DWTS" asked another. "Why is there a black and white film of Lindsay and Matt playing on behind them? Like what's the point? #DWTS #DWTS30" questioned a fan. 






While fans tried to figure out the odd visuals that came with James' performance, the majority of them were shocked to see that James managed to be safe yet again, while strong performers like Kenya Moore and Christine Chu found themselves at the bottom. Fans believed it should've been him and Brian Austin Green instead. "BAG & Matt need to be in the bottom, their horrible and being saved every week absolutely not! All the men should've been in the bottom before Kenya & that's real! #dwts" tweeted a fan. 
"The fact that BAG and Matt wasn't in the bottom and KENYA was in the bottom before them, just nasty and disgusting #DWTS" agreed another. "I couldn't watch #DWTS tonight but there is no reason Kenya and Christine should've been in the bottom two over Matt James and BAG. Wish Christine had a longer run." stated a fan. 
"AGAIN, Kenya is out here getting the same score from Carrie Ann that she is giving to Matt and Brian .. Stevie Wonder himself can see this issue #dwts" joked a fan. "Matt and BAG are now my enemies lol #DWTS" added another.










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