Dwayne Johnson sends heartfelt message to teen who lost his mom, the star's biggest fan, in car crash

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson sent an emotional and touching message to the son of a fan who passed away in a car accident

                            Dwayne Johnson sends heartfelt message to teen who lost his mom, the star's biggest fan, in car crash

Angelo Pizarro went through a difficult and tragic loss last week when his mother Aileen and 12-year-old sister Aryana were killed in an accident on the highway. Pizarro was grieving for his loss and took to social media to share his mother's love for Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson. 

He posted the photograph to Twitter and wrote, "My beautiful mom who passed away loved @TheRock so so SO much. I’m trying to get him to do even a video saying her name for the funeral. If you could retweet the crap outta this for him to see it that’d mean the world. Thank you!" The photograph was retweeted multiple times and went viral. Johnson came across the picture and decided to reach out to Pizarro via a direct video message. 


In a heartfelt and emotional video, Dwayne shared, "Hey Angelo, Dwayne Johnson here. I had turned on my phone and I saw a flood, thousands and thousands of tweets had come through. I am sending you so much love and light and strength your way from my family to yours. I just want to say thanks for reaching out man, and I’m so sorry to hear about your sister and your mom and this tragic loss that you and your family are going through". 


Johnson also addressed Pizarro's later mother and said, "If your mom could see me now, which I’m sure she can, I just want to thank her for all the love and for being such a big fan".

Pizarro reposted Dwayne's video and shared how grateful he was for it to which Johnson responded, "Least I could do. Story is heartbreaking. Stay strong". In addition to Dwayne's response, singer Alessia Cara also took to social media to share a message to honor Pizarro's sister and wrote, "I am so, so sorry. hopefully, this helps you in any way". 

As per local reports, Pizarro's mother and sister died after a car crash when a driver crashed into their vehicle while going the wrong way on the Southern California interstate. The other driver has been identified as 18-year-old Trevor Heitmann who was also killed in the car crash. The Pizarro family has started up a GoFundMe page in order to get any help that they can with "funeral costs and any additional expenses related to Aileen and Aryana's deaths".