'Ares': A secret student society ends up in a demonic trap in new psycho-horror thriller on Netflix

Best friends Rosa and Jacob are on a quest for wealth and power and stumble upon a new world which they could never imagine existed.

                            'Ares': A secret student society ends up in a demonic trap in new psycho-horror thriller on Netflix

'Ares', the first-ever Dutch original series, is coming out soon on Netflix. This series is based on a psychological horror story which involves a secret student society in the midst of Amsterdam, where the best friends Rosa (Jade Olieberg) and Jacob (Tobias Kersloot ) get influenced by a world of wealth and power. But slowly, they begin to realize that they have entered a demonic world built on secrets from the Netherlands' past - a place where the capacity to control true power comes at a horrifying price.

This Dutch-centered show will be a completely different take on the genre of psychological horror. The plot of the series is different and will make the Netflix audience want to see how the creators convey what they intend to. The series will have an eight-episode debut that will revolve around the student society trying to unravel the dark and mysterious secrets of the past. 'Ares' has been created by the production company named Pupkin. The series is produced by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, and Sander Van Meurs. The script of the entire eight episodes has been written by Winchester Mcfly. 

'Ares,' the upcoming psychological horror on Netflix, is set in the Dutch Golden Age. 

This series will be starring Jade Olieberg playing the character of Rosa and Tobias Kersloot playing Jacob. These two have the most important roles as the journey into the dark world of horror begins with their expedition to gain wealth and power. The other members of the cast are Lisa Smit who will play Carmen Zwanenburg and Robin Boissevain playing Roderick van Hall.

The story is set in the Dutch Golden Age and opens up into a realm of demonic activities that will reveal how the secret student society will recognize a totally different side of the world that they could never imagine existed. The portal to the demonic side opens up when these students decide to choose power and wealth over their simple lives. They do not know that some rules are not meant to be broken. 

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