'Duncanville' Pilot: Fans find it 'hilarious, relatable' but 'stereotypical, unoriginal' at the same time

'Duncanville' Pilot: Fans find it 'hilarious, relatable' but 'stereotypical, unoriginal' at the same time
Duncan, Jack, Annie, Kimberly and Jing (Fox)

If you love animated sitcoms, 'Duncanville' is a new Fox show you should definitely check out. The family-comedy centers around a 15-year-old boy Duncan Harris (voiced by Amy Poehler) and his family. As the pilot episode aired on the network channel, it grabbed much attention and there was quite a bit chatter online.

Some deemed it good, a few slammed it as average and others can't wait to watch more episodes to make their decision.

"#Duncanville, Pilot: I think this show is as much about Duncan's parents growing up as it is about Duncan growing up. #TwitterMiniReviews," one viewer posted and another said, "#Duncanville is hilarious and as a parent of a pre-teen boy, it was hilarious getting to watch a show with him that wasn’t people playing video games on YouTube!"

One wished he could binge-watch the series, "#Duncanville was pretty funny. I wish I could binge watch the entire season right now."

Many ended up comparing the show to 'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy'.

"#Duncanville isn't great, but it's better than #TheSimpsons and #FamilyGuy," one tweet read and another said, "No, but they did have a one testicle joke, as did #Duncanville. Would’ve been nuts if #TheSimpsons did too!"


A few drew a parallel with other animated Fox shows. "#Duncanville is FOX’s best new animated show since #BobsBurgers. It’s definitely worth watching, especially if you liked either #ParksandRec or #TheMightyB!" one viewer said.

Another posted, "#Duncanville was actually pretty good, like King Of The Hill and Bob's Burgers and Family Guy sorta fused into a new comedy one can enjoy more if they're high, if it's how they prefer animation domination. Guess you can say it's their cool kid. Hope it's around for a long time."

Jack, Duncan and Kimberly (Fox)

"Just watched the pilot of #Duncanville! It’s very relatable to me but not as enjoyable as I thought it would be. Definitely going to watch next week’s episode to see if it gets better. I am glad Amy Poehler is back producing a cartoon since I was a huge fan of The Mighty B!" one tweet read and another said, "#Duncanville is a 2020 certified animation series which is a perfect example of how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts — and boy those are some heavy parts. I give it a month for a full-season pickup by @FOXTV."


Others couldn't help but list out the reasons why it was not such a great show. "There are so many reasons that #Duncanville is NOT a good show. The unoriginal art style, irritating voices, bland characters, and just overall not funny, mainly because it's trying WAY too hard to be funny. It's like someone constantly making the same joke after they got a chuckle," one viewer wrote.

Another said, "The #Duncanville series premiere was SO painful to watch. It definitely feels like the writing is based on every stereotype in the book (parents are average boomers, Duncan and friends are average millennials). Definitely written by people who thought they knew how the youth acts."

Many fans want to give the show another chance. "The pilot of #Duncanville was meh. I mean, it's typical for most TV shows to have a rough beginning. So I'm hoping the show can get better eventually, just like Bless the Harts. (But at the very least, both Duncanville and BTH's pilots are better than Allen Gregory/Bordertown)," one tweet read.


Another said, "So #Duncanville...not the strongest pilot I’ve seen, but there’s definitely some potential. It strikes me as a show that could get some gold out of its cast."

Watch more episodes as they roll out every week on Sunday nights at 8.30 pm ET on Fox.

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