Dua Lipa's AHS dreams could be derailed by N-word and stripper scandals that rocked controversial star

Lipa has been vocal about how she faces backlashes and is not shy to defend herself when needed

                            Dua Lipa's AHS dreams could be derailed by N-word and stripper scandals that rocked controversial star
Dua Lipa (Getty Images)

'New Rules' singer Dua Lipa recently said that she is a fan of the show 'American Horror Story' and expressed her desire to star in an episode of the upcoming season. Lipa has often been in the spotlight but it hasn't always been for the right reasons.

This is what she had to say about the horror franchise, "I’d really like to be on American Horror Story because I’ve always loved the characters and that series and how they get to play so many different roles with every season." In an interview with the iHeartRadio's 'Ask Anything Chat' segment in April 2020, she said, "I just love the story behind it and I’ve always been a fan.”

Lipa, 24, is an English singer, songwriter and model. In 2015, she signed with the Warner Music Group and released her first single ‘New Love’ followed by her second single ‘Be The One’. In 2017, she made a self-titled debut album ‘Dua Lipa’, which trended worldwide. In 2018, Lipa won at the Brit Awards for British Female Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act. Towards the end of March, she did a surprise release of her third album, 'Break My Heart'. 

Lipa has been in the limelight even before her first release in 2015, but it was not always for the right reasons. Last year, a cover song sang by Lipa in 2014 resurfaced on Twitter, causing fans to call her out. She covered Mila J’s ‘Smoke, Drink, Break Up’. While shooting the video, Lipa was heard using the n-word. She can be heard muttering the racial slur on the track through distorted audio, singing, "So I roll me swisha, pour me some liquor before we start to bicker and calling each other out our names like plenty bitches and n-----."

According to Billboard, she later took to Twitter to apologize, "In relation to my 2014 cover, I never meant to offend or upset anyone. I didn't say the full word but I can admit I shouldn’t have gone there at all and that a different word could’ve been recorded altogether to avoid offense and confusion. I wasn’t thinking it through at the time." She continued, “I always stand up for social justice and I am very sorry to anyone that I have offended x." She later deleted those tweets. 

Dua Lipa performs onstage during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2019 (Getty Images)

In 2019, she uploaded a series of her childhood pictures and faced a backlash for allegedly photoshopping them. Fans were accusing her of enhancing her lips in the pictures. Lipa clapped back at the trollers saying, “To the people saying I photoshop my baby pictures to make my lips look bigger are mad madddd! Can’t believe I have to defend myself. You guys are on crack." After that response, she later deleted her post according to LifeandStyle magazine

In January 2020, Lipa was slammed after she was seen twerking with strippers at a Grammys after-party along with Lil Nas X, Rosalia and Post Malone. In Lizzo’s Instagram video, Lipa and 'Con Altura' singer Rosalía were seen throwing money at strippers while they danced. A fan commented, “What a good example dua lipa, lizzo, rosalia sexualizing women but well afterwards they say they are feminists." 

In her recent interview with The Guardian, she talks about the backlash she faced for the video from the Grammys after-party. “I believe in supporting women in all fields of work. Nothing at that party was derogatory; everyone was just dancing and having fun.” She continued, "That’s something we all have to work on. Not every sex worker is being forced to do something they don’t wanna do. I think a lot of the women found it really empowering and really like to dance.”

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