Dua Lipa's producer Ian Kirkpatrick wishes her 'Don't Start Now' sounded as 'beautiful' as Doja Cat's 'Say So'

Both artistes have seen success with their recent '80s and disco-themed releases and fans wonder why Kirkpatrick felt the need to 'pit them against each other'

                            Dua Lipa's producer Ian Kirkpatrick wishes her 'Don't Start Now' sounded as 'beautiful' as Doja Cat's 'Say So'
Dua Lipa, Ian Kirkpatrick and Doja Cat (Getty Images)

Ian Kirkpatrick, a producer on Dua Lipa's 'Don't Start Now' has found himself in a bit of hot water following his comments that Doja Cat's number one single 'Say So' was the superior song among the two.

Kirkpatrick claimed 'Say So' gave 'Don't Start Now' a run for its money, adding, "That is the sound I wish I could have made 'Don't Start Now' sound like. I mean, I love 'Don't Start Now', I stand by it. But doesn't ['Say So'] sound so classy and beautiful?" while speaking to W Magazine.

While Lipa has seen monumental success with her album 'Future Nostalgia' on which 'Don't Start Now' features, Doja Cat's 'Say So' has shot to the top of charts and made history in the process.

Both artistes have embraced a retro disco sound with their recent releases, but it appears Kirkpatrick found 'Say So' to be closer to the vision he had with 'Don't Start Now'.

"God why is he throwing that masterpiece under the BUS??!" asked one angry 'Don't Start Now' fan, while another stated, "I'm SCREAMING because this is so f***ed up."

Many fans called out Kirkpatrick for what they perceived to be misogyny, claiming he was pitting two chart-topping female artists against each other for no reason.

"Why are men tryna pit women against each other?" asked one user, adding, "Like Say So and Don’t Start Now are one of my favorite songs ever," while another fan said, "How he gonna drag a masterpiece this is misogyny."

Many fans also chose to praise both songs, stating, "They both bop idk why he needed to say that," One fan tweeted, "Shut up rat both song are great," and another shared, "This is such a weird thing to say... both are great songs."

Some fans came to Lipa's defense, stating, "Don’t start now is one of the best pop songs in YEARS! I love Say So, but don’t start now is literal perfection" as well as "Sir DSN is better" but others shot back, "Maybe in the UK where Dua is from but not the rest of the world."

And some fans agreed with Kirkpatrick, stating, "His mind >> Say So is literally one of the freshest sounds ever."

One user stated, "This sounds so unprofessional omg," while another said, "That’s really rude of him wtffff." Some users said, "He should retract this statement," while many others dragged 'Say So' producer Dr. Luke, stating, "Don't Start Now is better and the producer isn't a [email protected]"

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