It's happening! Dua Lipa confirms collaboration with K-Pop girl band BLACKPINK

While several musicians including Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift are trying to collaborate with K-Pop stars, the 'New Rules' singer has managed to bag the opportunity.

                            It's happening! Dua Lipa confirms collaboration with K-Pop girl band BLACKPINK

Sometimes when celebrities use emojis, they more than often act like secret signs for something that is soon coming up. So, when Dua Lipa posted a black heart followed with a pink heart, along with five angel emojis, fans were left speculating for the longest if the singer was actually indicating towards a new album. Turns out, it is an even better news as Dua Lipa has confirmed her collaboration with one of K-Pop's most popular girl bands, BLACKPINK.

The 'New Rules' singer took to Twitter to post about a new deluxe edition in which she will be collaborating with the all-girls band. The record, 'Dua Lipe-Complete Edition,' will be re-released on Friday, October 19, which will include a new track 'Kiss and Make Up' with BLACKPINK. The extended version of the album will also include a few collaborations with Silk City (Mark Ronson and Diplo) including 'Electricity,' 'Want to,' and 'Running.'


She had tweeted about her mixed feelings regarding the album, "I’m so happy that you guys are happy! I was very excited about thissss but also sad bc it’s coming to an end. But also happy bc new music and a new era!! " Considering the collaboration as a wrap up for the "album cycle," Dua Lipa also gave out a list of the songs which will be recorded in the album.


It seems that Dua Lipa is pretty much at the peak of her career. As her video for 'New Rules' has broken all records with over one billion views on YouTube. She was also recently named as the most successful female artist of the year so far by NME. The rising star has managed to sell over 95,000 copies of her self-titled debut album in 2018 alone, and her single 'IDGAF' shot up to 509,000 combined sales. While her single 'One Kiss' with Calvin Harris went to block the No. 1 position, she is also set to perform at the UEFA Champion's League final. There have also been rumors about the singer finally joining the plethora of artists who have recorded the theme of 007, although the singer kept quiet as she wouldn't like to "jinx it."

On the other hand, the chart-topping K-Pop act which includes Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa too have gained immense success as they are now on the Billboard Hot 100 in the States. Their video for 'Ddu-Du Ddu-Du' is probably one of the most watched videos on YouTube right after BTS' 'Idol' and Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do.' It probably shouldn't come as a surprise that these two powerhouses of music are collaborating, since Jennie from BLACKPINK had already made a cover of Dua Lipa's song 'New Rules.'