Drunk woman who thought she was having sex with her boyfriend was raped by sex addict ex-cop who filmed the entire thing

The 29-year-old ex-special constable was so audacious that he smirked during his police mugshot after he was arrested

                            Drunk woman who thought she was having sex with her boyfriend was raped by sex addict ex-cop who filmed the entire thing
Paul Rodgers (Source: Police Department)

A former volunteer policeman, who is also a sex addict, has been put behind bars for filming himself while he was in the middle of raping a drunk woman. Paul Rodgers, an ex-special constable, reportedly forced himself on the woman, who was so drunk that she thought the man she was having sex with was her boyfriend, reports The Sun.

29-year-old Rodgers was so audacious that he smirked during his police mugshot after his arrest. He was then described in the courtroom as a man who is "addicted to sex" and who regularly visited swingers clubs. The perverted officer then sent an edited version of the video, which he had taken on his cell phone, to another person to see. The footage was made to look like the sex between him and the drunk woman was consensual.

When an unedited audio recording of the incident was played at the Leicester Crown Court, the drunken victim could clearly be heard calling out another man's name. Rodgers could then be heard saying to the woman: "No, it’s not, it’s me, Paul." to which she replied: "No, no it’s not."

The prosecutor, Luke Blackburn, said that the woman was "extremely vulnerable" on the night of the attack. The incident took place at a residence in Leicestershire.

Blackburn told the jury in the court: "She was in no state to consent and even if she had been, she thought she was having sex with someone else."

"The defendant knew she thought she was having sex with someone else. He carried on because he wanted sex with her, irrespective of consent and to take a recording."

Blackburn then added: "The recording shows he’s the sober one in control and she’s the absolutely drunk one."

The jury in the court also heard during the trial that Rodgers had put up an image of a sex toy on social media which the woman, now sober, found out about and then became "very upset". Rodgers' bail got revoked after this.

Right before his verdict was announced by the judge, Rodgers asked for the originals of the rudimentary sex tape he had made to be given back. The judge then questioned the motive for him asking for the tape back.

Steven Newcombe, the defense advocate, immediately jumped to his rescue and said that it was connected to the evidence in the case. He said: "I don’t think it was for the purpose of publication."

"The image of someone holding a sex toy (he put on social media) was a poor decision on his part."

The judge, Ebraham Mooncey, told Rodgers after sentencing him to seven years in prison for the crime: "You had sexual issues. Apparently, you thought you were a sex addict of some sort and went to swinger’s clubs."

"You took advantage of the victim; she has little recollection of what happened. She became aware it was you and not the man she was hoping to form a relationship with. She was outraged. You knew she was drunk and you made a recording."

Judge Mooncey also told Rodgers that he will now have to sign on the dotted lines in the sex offender register for the rest of his perverted life.

Last year, the Leicestershire Police launched its All Is Not Lost campaign, aiming to raise greater awareness of rape as a crime and to encourage those who have been a victim to report early and to retain evidence.