Drunk commuter strangled to death after his own shirt became entangled in escalator

A straphanger was strangled to death during early hours on Sunday when his shirt was pulled into an MTA escalator

                            Drunk commuter strangled to death after his own shirt became entangled in escalator

In a freak accident, a man was strangled to death by his own shirt after it got caught in a subway escalator and choked him. At around 3.45 am on Sunday, 48-year-old Carlos Alvarez fell onto the escalator at the Intervale Station in the Bronx and his shirt became entangled.

Alvarez tried to free himself as his neckline choked but in vain. Witnesses also tried to help Alvarez during the disturbing incident, Giovanni Fernandez, a bystander, said. "When I got off the train, I saw the guy stuck on the escalator. A lot of people were surrounding him," Fernandez told the New York Post. "He was at the top. I saw the blood. His head was split open. All you see is this guy sprawled face down." 

"It was 'an accident,'" said one MTA worker who declined to give his name. “Somebody fell and went all the way up.” When authorities responded to the scene, they found Alvarez at the top of the escalator, unconscious and unresponsive. Officers from the NYPD were able to quickly cut the shirt off and free him before he was rushed to Lincoln Hospital. However, he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

According to WPIX, the horrific accident was captured in its entirety by surveillance cameras nearby. Interestingly, authorities revealed they were responding to reports of an emotionally disturbed person when they found Alvarez, who had allegedly been drinking before he fell at the subway station, NBC New York reports.

However, an MTA spokesman said an investigation into Alvarez's death is underway. "This is a tragic and unusual incident," he said. "Our thoughts are with this man's family and friends." That said, the escalator in question has been taken out of service until Tuesday, Daily Mail reports.