Drunk Lamborghini owner screams 'Black b*****ds' after 6 men in Rolls-Royce rob him of $20K

The six-man gang took the British man's Rolex and his girlfriend's Michael Kors watch, then fled the scene in a Rolls Royce

                            Drunk Lamborghini owner screams 'Black b*****ds' after 6 men in Rolls-Royce rob him of $20K
Drunk Lamborghini owner screams 'Black b*****ds' after 6 men in Rolls-Royce rob him of $20K (Screenshot/DailyMail.com)

WEST HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES: A British Lamborghini owner was caught on camera screaming 'Black b******s' after a gang robbed him and his partner of two watches, including a $19,000 Rolex. The heist occurred in West Hollywood on May 9, Monday morning, the unidentified man screamed obscenity repeatedly while cops and his girlfriend tried to calm him down.

The six-man gang took his Rolex and her Michael Kors watch, then fled the scene in a car that was even more luxurious than their $300,000 Lamborghini Auris. The unidentified shirtless man with brown hair and a trimmed beard was dragged into the back of a Los Angeles Police Department truck while his girlfriend, dressed in a beige dress and sandals, spoke to officers, according to a video acquired by DailyMail.com.


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The man can be heard yelling throughout the video, presumably using the 'n word' at one point and calling thieves who stole his and his girlfriend's pricey watches 'black b*****ds.' He was shirtless and had a tattoo that read 'UK Made, Cali Paid' on his side.

"Please calm down, babe, I beg you please calm down," the girl pleads and "Just breathe, babe breathe." The girl is seen crying as she returns to her Lamborghini at the end of the video. Officials with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department claim the pair was robbed of a $1,000 Michael Kors watch and a $19,000 Rolex.

According to Sheriff's officials, the couple returned to their vehicle early on Monday morning after an argument in a parking lot on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, when they were approached by up to six individuals driving a black Rolls Royce at roughly 1 am, reported KTLA. The perpetrators then assaulted them before robbing them of their watches, the female victim informed the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. According to Sergeant Joana Warren, one of the suspects was injured in the attack.

Officials in Los Angeles are now trying to find the suspects, who are described as black men in dark attire fleeing southbound in a black Rolls Royce near Larrabee Street. They're also looking for any surveillance video from the neighborhood.

However, Monday's heist is just the latest in an increasing number of jewelry and handbag thefts among the city's wealthiest neighborhoods, according to police, who claim that some of those arrested are being released only to conduct similar crimes.

As the city's violent crime wave worsens, officials are now advising residents to keep their showy jewels at home to avoid becoming 'targets' for criminals, and Deputy District Attorney George Gascon has issued a public service announcement reminding residents to secure their cars.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, property crimes have grown 12.3% year over year, while violent crimes have gone up by 7.5%. Robberies increased by 18.8% and burglaries are up by 9.5% in the City of Angels from January 1 to April 30 as compared to the same period last year.

Vehicle thefts are up by 9.4% year over year, while motor vehicle thefts increased 13.7% and other miscellaneous thefts increased by 16%. However, robbery arrests are down 5.6%, burglary arrests are down 15.4%, and motor vehicle arrests are down 9.3% from last year. Arrests for larceny, on the other hand, are up by 8.9%.

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