‘Driven to the Edge’ Review: A serial killer with dark secrets keeps you hooked to the Lifetime thriller

The film doesn’t offer anything extraordinary with respect to the plotline but the mystery elements will make you want to watch it till the very end

                            ‘Driven to the Edge’ Review: A serial killer with dark secrets keeps you hooked to the Lifetime thriller
'Driven to the Edge' (Lifetime)

Lifetime’s latest thriller movie ‘Driven to the Edge’, which premiered on July 5, manages to grasp your attention at the very beginning itself by introducing Jaye (Danielle Burgess), a psychopathic rideshare driver, who is seen bludgeoning her customers from the latest ride to death using a baseball bat. What makes her character further fascinating is the fact that she enjoys re-watching the tapes of her brutal killings over and over again. 

The movie establishes in the first few minutes that Jaye is a serial killer, who murders people on a regular basis drawing inspiration from other notable killers. She’s never guilty of what she does and spares no one. However, a different side to Jaye is revealed when she meets Tess (Taylor Spreitler), an aspiring fashion designer, who she crosses paths with during a shared taxi ride. Jaye keeps her true identity hidden from Tess. 

Despite Tess’s reluctance to share her number with a stranger, Jaye manages to befriend her. Soon, they are seen grabbing lunch together and playing baseball, while Tess continues to live with the impression that Jaye is a realtor, who lives lavishly. However, as time passes, Tess’s proximity with Jaye becomes evident and the former’s friends express suspicion over the latter’s intentions with Tess. But, Tess is convinced that Jaye is her true friend and continues to ignore the warnings from her best friend Olive (Amanda Grace Benitez). 

On witnessing Jaye’s treatment of Tess, you can’t help but wonder why the serial killer’s strangely obsessed with someone she met on a random day, who she wouldn’t want to hurt. The movie retains the mystery factor well all along. Not until the end the movie reveals the true reason behind Jaye’s obsession with Tess, which traces its roots back to their childhood. Tess and Jaye are blood sisters, who were separated at a very young age. Jaye comes looking for Tess hoping her sibling would help her in her pursuit of becoming the biggest serial killer ever. Will Tess turn her back on Jaye or join hands with her sister in committing heinous crimes? Well, you need to watch ‘Driven to the Edge’ to find the answer. 

The thriller movie has done a good job in creating a highly manipulative psychopathic character, whose ruthlessness and crooked ways get imprinted on your minds. Although all her kills resemble one another, the pleasure she seeks from each one of them adds an edge to her role.  Burgess’s performance deserves appreciation, for she brilliantly brings her character to life, headlining the entire movie. 

As far as the plotline is concerned, ‘Driven to the Edge’ doesn’t offer anything extraordinary. However, the suspense and mystery elements will make you want to watch it till the very last. The relationship between Jaye and Tess gives rise to many questions, for which you can find an answer only in the end. 

‘Driven to the Edge’ premieres July 5 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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