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'Drive to Survive' returns to Netflix in 2020 for season 2; here are possible topics the F1 docu-drama series could feature

Based on the 2019 season, Ricciardo's Renault stint, Haas' woes, McLaren's cracking run and these drivers' rivalries will most likely be discussed in the second installment

'Drive to Survive,' the F1 2108 docu-drama series debuted to a positive response in Netflix. The ten-part series, which was a collaboration between F1 and the streaming giant, gave the audience an unparalleled and exclusive look at the key players and the lives of F1 drivers during the 2018 Formula One World Championship. 

Now that F1 announced a second season that features all ten teams in the show, we made a list of topics that could feature in the upcoming installment. This means, Mercedes and Ferrari, who were notable absentees last year will be present this season.

1. Lewis Hamilton and his journey with Mercedes

The British driver is currently perched on top of the leaderboard with 223 points. This season could see the five-time Formula One World Champion talk about his journey in F1 and the consistent performances he's dished out since signing up with the Silver Arrows. It could also shed light on the much-spoken move from McLaren to Mercedes, his rivalry with Nico Rosberg and some behind-the-scenes footage about his training, lifestyle and his time in the Mercedes pit.

2. Charles LeClerc's impressive run with Ferrari

The Monaco-based driver was part of the series last year when he was racing for Sauber. Since his move to Ferrari in 2019 replacing Kimi Raikkonen, the 21-year-old became the youngest driver in F1 history to take the pole position for Ferrari. With five podium finishes and 120 points in his kitty, this season may see the driver talk about his rivalry with Max Verstappen, the move to Ferrari, his fellow driver Sebastian Vettel and more.

3. Daniel Ricciardo's performance after moving to Renault

Daniel Ricciardo went from Red Bull Racing to a new home in Renault. (IMDb)

'Drive to Survive' season 1 opened with Ricciardo talking about his racing days with Red Bull and the notoriety on the race track. By the end of the series, his move to Renault was explained and the Aussie hasn't really lit up the season so far.  He's currently placed tenth on the leaderboard with a measly 22 points and this season could see him talk about what went wrong for him. The episode will most likely feature some snippets from the Renault pit team and directors as well. 

4. Sebastian Vettel's time with Ferrari

Things may have not really gone the way Vettel would have imagined, but the German is still in the thick of things this season and is breathing down Max Verstappen's neck at fourth place. If Netflix decides to feature Vettel in one of their episodes, expect an inside scoop on the collision with Red Bull driver, Verstappen, the controversial five-second penalty from the stewards during the Canadian GP after they believed he was trying force Hamilton's car off the track.

5. Haas' unending woes

Drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen were both featured last season and they had hoped they could turn things around for Haas in 2019. But things have gone downwards for the American racing team. Neither of their drivers are in the top 10 and the cars have come into focus following the below-par performances. Season 2 will most likely see Guenther Steiner, the team principal, share his views on the season.

6. Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and Red Bull Racing

Impressive 2019 for Red Bull Racing. (IMDb)

Frenchman Pierre Gasly replaced Riccardo this season and Christian Horner, the team principal said the team would also be using Honda engines instead of Renault ones. The move seems to have worked as their drivers, Verstappen (3rd) and Gasly (6th) have had impressive outings so far. This season will see Horner probably talk about the drivers' performance, what's worked and what could be better for Red Bull.

7. McLaren, its cracking run and the new breed of super drivers

One of the teams that went through some major restructuring this year, McLaren's drivers, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris are placed seventh and ninth in the leaderboards and the story of the season is probably their resurgence from the doldrums they were in last season. The team has operationally been very tight and the drivers have been nothing short of sensational. Such is the confidence that McLaren has already announced it's driver line-up for 2020 and has retained both Sainz and Norris. 

8. Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll and a struggling Racing Point

As impressive Perez and Stroll are when they are at the wheel, the team for some reason hasn't lived up to their expectations. Season 1 of 'Drive to Survive' saw the two drivers express their ambitions and plans and it will be interesting to see the topics that will be covered by the team and drivers this season

9. Valtteri Bottas punching above his weight at Mercedes

The Finland racer has finished 3rd and 5th in his two stints with Mercedes. Currently, in his third year with the same team and just one rung below Hamilton in the points table, the series may dedicate one episode to show how Bottas has managed to hold his own this year. 

10. Where Toro Rosso, Alfa Romeo and Williams Mercedes go from here

Consistently inconsistent is the story of Toro Rosso. (IMDb)

It must be hard for these teams. They have talented drivers but barring Kimi Raikkonen from Alfa Romeo at No. 8, the rest are between 14th and 20th position and we can expect an episode that speaks of some serious overhauls in the coming season. 

'Drive to Survive' is yet to get a release date. It will premier on Netflix.