Drew Barrymore gushes about Cameron Diaz, calls her 'my bestie, my sister': 'She’s in my life every day'

Drew Barrymore opens up about being best friends with 'Charlie's Angels' co-star Cameron Diaz who has been close to her for the last 18 years.

                            Drew Barrymore gushes about Cameron Diaz, calls her 'my bestie, my sister': 'She’s in my life every day'
Drew Barrymore (Source : Getty Images)

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz are the best of friends and their bond remains as strong as ever even after 18 years. 44-year-old Drew Barrymore recently got candid about her 'Charlie's Angels' co-star and had no qualms about gushing about what Diaz means to her. 

Barrymore spoke to PEOPLE while at the premiere of 'Santa Clarita Diet' season 3 and called Diaz "my bestie, my sister". On the show, Barrymore plays the role of Sheila who is a happily married mother who transforms into a flesh-eating zombie. When Barrymore was asked if there was any person whom she would want to have joined her immortality, she obviously picked Diaz. Barrymore shared, "Luckily, she’s in my life every day." 

Barrymore and Diaz became friends around 18 years ago and have always displayed true #friendshipgoals. Last year, the two decided to share moments from their "playdate" where they had a bare-faced, make-up free selfie with no filter. Barrymore also referred to the selfie and shared with PEOPLE, "Her and I are like sisters and we see each other all the time and it was just sort of where we are today."

"In some ways just another day in our world, but I felt like sharing it. I love her," she continued. She also shared that she was not nervous to post the make-up free pictures and said, "We’d just come from a workout. We feel good. We’re not wearing any makeup and we’re just girls being ourselves. And sometimes all makeup and beauty fun aside, it’s just about the raw, honest, post-workout look, you know? Just be you."

In 2016, Barrymore gave an interview to Good Housekeeping and shared that if she ever went to jail, Diaz would be the first person she would reach out to. Barrymore shared, "Not that any one of us are going to jail anytime soon. But 100 percent. She would, like, get in there and get you out." She also shared, "If you’re looking for the best dinner-cooking partner and watching-TV-on-the-couch friend, call her."

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore have shared a special bond for the last 18 years (Source: Getty Images)


"If someone is in a medical situation, call her! She’s the most loyal, fierce, fun, cozy friend. We have incredible honesty with each other and we work hard on our lives and our friendship," she further added. 

Diaz has more than once proved to be shoulder to cry on for Barrymore. When Barrymore and her ex-husband Will Kopelman split in 2016, Diaz was immediately by her side. Diaz spoke to Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM Radio show following Barrymore and Kopelman's divorce and said, "Everybody pulls the wagons around, you know, our friends, whoever needs us at whatever point in time, even if it’s like something that the public doesn’t know about. Internally we’re all going like, ‘Okay, who needs us now?'"