'Dream Home Makeover': Shea and Syd leave Emilee crying happy tears after redesigning their living room

Emilee couldn't stop crying over how beautiful their living room looked after Shea and Syd did their magic

                            'Dream Home Makeover': Shea and Syd leave Emilee crying happy tears after redesigning their living room

Emilee and Zann Call love hosting parties for their family and friends, but only during summers. The young couple who live in Utah, have a beautiful home, but have always been conscious of the house's interiors. So, during winters when the temperature drops, the guests would have to be brought in for entertaining, as the cold outside won't allow them to party in their garden. So, to avoid bringing in guests, the couple wouldn't throw parties during the winter, and jokingly nicknamed their friends "seasonal friends". Aside from not being able to host their friends during winter, another issues that was bothering Emilee and Zann was the extra unused space they had in their living room. Over the years, the couple tried their best to make use of the space with their various ideas but always failed to achieve the desired results. So, they finally roped in Shea and Syd McGee for help.

The McGees jumped at the opportunity and personally made a visit to the Call family home to see the living room. When Shea saw the space, she was surprised at how huge it was, and her head began brimming with ideas on how to utilize the space; but before she could jump into action, she sat down with the clients, and asked them what they wanted to do with that space. The couple once again reiterated how they had no idea what to do, until Emilee randomly blurted that she would love it to be a cozy dining area, or office space, or even a spot for entertaining their guests. 

Shea was happy with the fact that the space was large enough to deliver all three of Emilee's wishes. So, she brought in her contractors to start the work. They began by breaking in the wall of a previously nursery, to make the unused space even bigger, and got to work. Zann, who loves working on fixing and repairing things, happily volunteered to help out the contractor. He managed to shift the electricity board and did the rewiring. His work saved them thousands of dollars, which was used to decorate the home better.

When Shea finally unveiled the newly designed and decorated living room to the couple, Emilee was beyond pleased with what she saw. She was so overwhelmed with joy that she began crying. Zann then reminded her about how she didn't cry when their children were born but was shedding tears of joy over a redesigned room. Emilee couldn't stop praising the McGees and their creative vision. Shea and Syd were pleased to see that they managed to meet their client's expectations and left feeling satisfied at having accomplished their goals of leaving their clients happy. 

'Dream Home Makeover' is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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