Drake's impressed! Will Smith just owned the Internet with his submission for the 'In My Feelings' challenge

Will Smith knows how to win a competition as he took the 'In my feelings' challenge to the next level and we are all for it.

                            Drake's impressed! Will Smith just owned the Internet with his submission for the 'In My Feelings' challenge
Will Smith (Source:Getty Images)

Will Smith just won Drake's 'In my feelings' challenge and there is no doubt about it! The singer took to social media to show his version of the challenge and it seems hard for anyone to beat what he did. While many celebrities have shown the world their version of the challenge, Will took it a step further as he involved a drone and Budapest’s Széchenyi Chain Bridge in his video! “Last day in Budapest. I woke up #InMyFeelings I’ma Keep It 💯… I was TERRIFIED up there. That’s why my dance moves is all STIFF! Haha #InMyFeelingsChallenge #DoTheShiggy,” he captioned his version of the challenge. 

In the video we see Will looking at the videos of people doing the challenge and seems eager to be part of it. However, he hints there is something extraordinary coming our way as he looks out of the window and thinks about how he can win the challenge. It is then that at a distance Will spots Budapest’s Széchenyi Chain Bridge and without wasting any time, the actor starts to make his way to it. 

Will calls out his bad boy alter ego as climbs the bridge and notes that "there is no way this is legal". With an eagle eye view of his dance along with some close-ups, Will schooled people on how this challenge is really done. Needless to say, he aced it. The video soon came to Drake's attention and he was pleased to see how the actor performed. 

“Wow the video is done,” he wrote in the comment section of the video. In fact, Will's son, Jaden also had some views about his dad's video. “You killed this,”  he wrote. “I’m Done dad.” Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake also wrote, “FTW!,” while Ciara, who released an  #InMyFeelingsChallenge video from Cape Town, said, “You are Legend.” 

This challenge emerged after Instagram comedian Shiggy danced to the song. It was the start of the challenge taking the Instagram by storm. His dance has since inspired celebrities such as Ciara and Russell Wilson, Kevin Hart, Odell Beckham Jr, and others to show their dance moves. There is no doubt that the challenge has made Drake's latest album more popular than it already was.

This comes after the news that Drake has become one among the few singers who broke the record of 'The Beatles' as he claimed seven out of the ten slots in the Billboard charts. Apart from Drake three other artists, Bruce Springsteen and Michael and Janet Jackson were able to claim seven out of 10 spots on the chart. However, none of them did this in the same week, unlike Drake. 

The rapper currently holds numbers 1 (Nice for What), 2 (Nonstop), 4 (God’s Plan), 6 (In My Feelings), 7 (I’m Upset), 8 (Emotionless) and 9 (Don’t Matter to Me - featuring Michael Jackson)," as reported by Daily Mail. All the seven songs are from his latest album, 'Scorpion'.