Everything we know about Drake's new album 'Scorpion' releasing on June 29

Earlier this year Drake broke streaming records with 'God’s Plan' which ranked number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and, on June 29 next week, his new album 'Scorpion' will be out

                            Everything we know about Drake's new album 'Scorpion' releasing on June 29
Drake (Source: Getty Images)

We are just a week away from the debut of Drake's newest album 'Scorpion' and, since the release comes two years after 'Views' which saw guest appearances from Wizkid, Kayla, and Rihanna, fans are excited and hyped about his next full-track album. Many are also of the notion that 'Scorpion' will be a double album. 

In the midst of a feud with Pusha T, Drake's silence has been deafening to the fans but he broke the silence and took to Instagram on June 13 and revealed the cover art for the album and simultaneously released the music video for 'I’m Upset'. That is how he's got millions expecting another surprise on June 29. 

Drizzy has got fans making predictions about the album on social media and many are speculating the possibility of a double album after promotional billboards popped up in Toronto. It looks like the 31-year-old is teasing his fans in his hometown with billboards reading messages like "Changing from a boy to a man” and “Don’t hit me when you hear this” and one in particular reading “A Side B Side,” a massive clue for fans to expect a double album. Then there was one that read; "Is there more” which only added fuel to the fire. 

Prior to this, Drizzy's most recent full-length project has been 2017’s mixtape/playlist 'More Life' which boasted great features and star-studded visuals including Travis Scott and Quavo-assisted 'Portland'. But the last three tracks were feature-less, which made fans guess that he was working on something big.

If there's one thing we are certain about Drake is that he is pretty much unstoppable. Earlier this year, he broke streaming records with 'God’s Plan,' which ranked number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and maintained that position for 11 long weeks. With 'Nice for What,' which released in early April, he achieved another number one single while 'God's Plan' still held on to number two.

The Toronto rapper announced the album 'Scorpion' back in April with a picture of him wearing a bomber jacket with “Scorpion June Twenty Eighteen by Drake” written on the back. The same varsity jacket was donned by celebrities including Millie Bobby Brown and DJ Khaled, who took to social media to hype Drake's Scorpion release. And, yes, everyone wants to get their hands on the jacket, but we aren't sure where to get it. However, it is possible that 'Scorpion' merchandise will be available following the album release.  

The title of 'Scorpion' is likely a reference to Drake’s astrological star sign Scorpio because his birthday falls on October 24. The rapper even shared an Instagram post of a bling chain with a scorpion embellishment in the center of the pendant.

The title of 'Scorpion' is likely a reference to Drake’s astrological star sign Scorpio (Getty Images)

Now, let's talk about what you can expect from the album. The tracklist isn't been out yet but 'Nice for What' is apparently on the record. 'I'm Upset' music video was dropped on May 27, but it's still not confirmed if the track will feature on the newest album.

However, Drake did drop visuals for the song reuniting the cast of 'Degrassi,' a Canadian teen drama television series, so hopefully they will be there. Besides, the 'God's Plan' rapper is rumored to debut another song with Lauryn Hill.

And it is expected that his intro will be hard-hitting one. Why? Because the rapper himself said so.

In one of the comments on his recent Instagram posts, a user commented; “Zip up is hard,” referring to the Patagonia fleece that Drake was wearing. Drake then responded, “harder than the album intro or nah?”

However, even though the producers of 'Scorpion' haven't been announced yet, it is almost certain the producer of 'Nice for What' is an integral part of the album, including Boi-1da and 40. Boi-1da co-produced 'God’s Plan' and 'Diplomatic Immunity,' while 40 is mainly credited for 'God's Plan.' The project is likely executive-produced by Noah "40" Shebib and Oliver El-Khatib.

Drake has a lot of explaining to do, especially to his fans, so maybe he will explain to us what Pusha T's claims of an illegitimate child is all about or he could just rap about something else and people will still love it.