Is Drake Bell Mexican? Singer sparks confusion after changing name to Drake Campana, releasing Spanish music

Is Drake Bell Mexican? Singer sparks confusion after changing name to Drake Campana, releasing Spanish music
Drake Bell (Getty Images)

Actor, singer and songwriter Drake Bell, who was born in California, has caused a stir on the Internet after he changed his social media name to Drake Campana. This has led the Internet to think if he was Mexican. The 34-year-old artiste might have changed his name on social media accounts, however, the username still says Drake Bell.

Apart from changing his name, the former Nickelodeon actor has also dropped fresh Spanish music which has further created confusion amongst his audience. Interestingly, he has been releasing Spanish music since 2019. A fan explained the reason behind this move saying, “Drake Bell trending because he changed his name to Drake Campana, moved to Mexico, and now only writes and sings Spanish songs because he’s apparently more popular there.”



The Internet was quick to react on the entire situation. One user tweeted, “so no one was going to tell me drake bell from drake & josh legally changed his name to drake campana (bell in spanish) and moved to mexico and only sings songs in spanish now to connect w his hispanic fanbase??? Cool.” Another posted, “the fact that drake bell speaks Spanish better than me I’m so embarrassed.” One user added, “bad bunny been real quiet since drake bell became Mexican.”

A third tweeted, “Im confused why we cancelling drake bell i just saw him in concert in febuary.” Another added, “are people really just now finding out that Drake Bell is popular in Mexico? Homie's been down there for YEARS.” One user said, “I'm not gonna explain it but the drake bell s**t is racist af to me white people aren't allowed to up and switch an entire demographic like that by choice he can go f**k himself.”













The timeline for Bell’s shift to his new persona, “Drake Campana,” isn’t entirely clear but he has been dropping Spanish music since November last year. According to, Bell only started calling himself Drake Campana from November 2020. The same website also reported that apparently, he indicated the shift with a viral meme which he had shared in November 2019 on his official Instagram post. However, he did not post any caption on the Instagram picture. Bell dropped his last English album in 2014 with the title ‘Ready Steady Go!’ and supposedly, it did not do well here.

Bell began his career as an actor in the early 1990s at the age of five with his first televised appearance on ‘Home Improvement’. He is best known for his starring roles on Nickelodeon's ‘The Amanda Show’ and ‘Drake & Josh’. He also starred in a trilogy of ‘The Fairly OddParents’ movies on Nickelodeon. He also gained fame for voicing Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the animated series ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ on Disney XD.


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