EXCLUSIVE | Dragnificent's Jujubee on 'drag magic' and why Mermaid Bride Sarah's episode is unforgettable

Jujubee won our hearts in RuPaul and did it all over again with 'Dragnificent'

                            EXCLUSIVE | Dragnificent's Jujubee on 'drag magic' and why Mermaid Bride Sarah's episode is unforgettable
Dragnificent! (TLC)

TLC brought the fabulousness of the drag queens with their show 'Dragnificent' and it helped many lift their spirits. Right from picking out magnificent outfits to making sure each woman battles her fears and lets her confidence shine, the show managed to prove that every individual is unique and beautiful. 

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide(MEAWW), Jujubee reflected on her time on the show. She became a familiar face in the media when she first appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race. Undoubtedly, Jujubee showed off her flawless and loving personality on the show and was quick to gain a lot of followers. She brought the same energy when she appeared on 'Dragnigficent' and made sure others around her felt at ease and special all the time. "Dragnificent is super special because it spreads love and drags magic. RuPaul has shown the world that love transcends all and as queens, we can pass on the love we’ve learned through our journey to others. I call that DRAG magic!" she said while reflecting on her time on the show.

While Jujubee loved filming every episode, one that stood out the most was her was  Mermaid Bride, Sarah, and her husband, Nelson. When Sarah appeared on the show, she said her birthmark covered 50 percent of her body. While she has always been confident about herself, Sarah confessed that there had been many times when she was rejected by men because of her birthmark. 

However, things changed when she met Nelson. He saw through her and realized the beautiful person she is. While their love story was strong, their wedding was not the traditional wedding one would hope to have. The two ended up marrying in a courthouse because Sarah was pregnant at that time. 

Jujubee along with queens, BeBe Zahara Benet, Thorgy Thor, and Alexis Michelle managed to brighten up her day and make it extra special. " I think the most fun I had was with our very special Mermaid Bride, Sarah, and her husband, Nelson. Their kids sparked so much joy. They invited us into their home and permitted us to drag up their vow renewal. I will never forget that day," she said. 

While there is no confirmation if there will be a Season 2 or no, Jujubee hinted that she would love for it to happen soon. "I FREAKING HOPE SO! From Drag Race to Dragnificent to THE MOON!!!" she said. 

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