'Dragnificent!': Laura asks the Queens to help her understand son's drag obsession, fans laud her efforts

Laura decides to call the queens to help her understand her son Adam's obsession with drag and fans were only too happy to see the mother learn and strengthen her relationship with her son

                            'Dragnificent!': Laura asks the Queens to help her understand son's drag obsession, fans laud her efforts
Laurs and Adam (TLC)

Laura knew she needed help from some special queens once she found out that her son, Adam had been obsessed with drag and wanted to follow it for the rest of his life. Opening up to the camera, Laura admitted she knew that Adam was gay when he was 3. She recalled an incident when he went inside the washroom and came out with makeup all over his face. 

Laura revealed there had been several other instances where he would wear her dresses but the most difficult part for her was to accept that her son wanted to be a drag queen. Laura knew she had to be there to support her son but did not understand why he wanted to be in drag. She decided to seek help from the queens to understand his situation better. 

She confessed that she wanted Adam to feel accepted and live the life he wanted. Laura thought that the best way to show her support would be to be there for him. The queens, Jujubee, Thorgy Thor, Alexis Mitchelle and BeBe Zahara Benet came together to help find the perfect dress Laura could wear to support her son in his drag performance while also giving her some idea of what it means to be a drag queen. 

All the queens tried to explain how being in drag helped them feel accepted and love themselves. Alexis even called his mom on the show with the hope that Laura could understand her son better. After talking to Alexis's mother, Laura felt better and knew that acceptance is a process that slowly takes place. 

She even decided to dress in drag with Adam in the hope that she could show that she fully supports him. Adam felt pleased to see his mother making an effort to understand him and fans could see it in her parenting. They were quick to fall in love with her. "All parents with queer children need to take notes!" read one comment. 

Another added, "So many parents could learn from Laura. The willingness to admit what you don’t know & to ask for help from @BeBeZaharaBenet @ThorgyThor @AlexisLives @jujuboston is a lesson the world needs." 

"Laura is an awesome mom to want to learn and understand her amazing son. You're lucky to have these fabulous ladies to help you out," read another comment. The episode ended with Laura accepting Adam and his drag personality, Veronica. She also gifted him the pair of pink heels he had his eyes on and that moment left everyone emotional. 

"I mean Laura saying “I’m very proud of you” is everything!!! And the pink shoes," one wrote. Another added, "This experience (in my opinion) is so going to strengthen the relationship between Adam and Laura forever and that’s magical to see! She did something for herself, for him and he was kind and patient with his mother’s learning! How beautiful!" 

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