After hydroxychloroquine, Stella Immanuel says Jesus will turn things around, Internet thanks her for 'healing'

The controversial doctor had earlier claimed that hydroxychloroquine is the 'cure' for Covid-19 and this time she sent love and prayers to everyone over a tweet

                            After hydroxychloroquine, Stella Immanuel says Jesus will turn things around, Internet thanks her for 'healing'
Dr Stella Immanuel (Twitter)

Most would remember Dr Stella Immanuel, the controversial primary care physician from Houston who had declared last month that there is a "cure" for Covid-19. At America’s Frontline Doctors press conference, she had said, "Nobody needs to die from this virus. It has a cure and it called hydroxychloroquine. You don’t need mask and you don’t need people to be locked down."

It should be noted that WHO has discontinued hydroxychloroquine trials after initial results showed that hydroxychloroquine produced little or no reduction in the mortality of hospitalized Covid-19 patients when compared to standard care. 

To refresh your memory further, President Donald Trump had also shared the controversial video on July 27, featuring the doctor echoing Trump's initial anti-mask stance, suggesting face coverings were not necessary to stop the transmission of the deadly virus. Her claim contradicts medical experts worldwide, including the CDC, who have insisted on the use of a face mask to stem the viral spread. She also held an opinion on alien DNA and the physical effects of having sexual intercourse with demons and witches in your dreams. 

Dr Immanuel is back again and this time she is claiming that God has "called" her. On August 7, she tweeted, "God has called me in this season to usher in His life giving presence and bring hope to a terrified world. God has had mercy on us. He will turn things around soon and the enemy will be defeated. Soon! May our hearts be filled with hope in Jesus name."


Her tweet received reactions within a few hours of her posting it. One commented, "Amen!!! We’re with you and praying for you! I made this video exposing Beyoncé’s new film, please watch God bless, let’s stomp on satans head in Jesus name."


Another said, "Hi Dr. Stella. God bless you and thank you for being brave and courageous. You don’t realize how many of us out here you have touched."


One thanked her saying, "Thanks for your compassion, courage, integrity, wisdom, honor, loyalty, duty, respect for humanity, selfless service, & faith. Lord we give thanks to you for the warriors of healing who are willing to sacrifice their own well-being for others. Protect them. In Jesus name Amen."


Another wrote: "The world truly needs a message of hope and reassurance, especially this time when the world is held on ransome by people who are out to profit on the misery and death of many. May God see us true (sic)."


Another supporter said, "Everyone at our school meeting was talking about u tonight and how we all love u. We all agree you are right about the spiritual warfare. The leftists can make fun, we are praying and declaring victory in spiritual warfare."


Another wrote: "Amen stella! I'm so sorry this world has mistreated such a loving and caring person. I wish you well and hope for a better future for you. Much love from the UK."


However, there were a few who questioned her. One said, "Really, ok, Doctor, let's try a simple one. From the infallible word of God define the NT of Scripture. Name one hard science the Bible gets right. Just one verse."


A confused user asked, "Sorry I’m confused. Religion is one thing but using it in a cryptic manner is another. Who is this ‘enemy’? What has it done to us? Why must we defeat it? Your post makes me a little uneasy. Others may be also so some clarification would be nice."


According to a July 28 report in New York Daily News, Immanuel had blasted Facebook and Twitter for removing her controversial video touting hydroxychloroquine as a “cure” for Covid-19. She had declared on Twitter that Jesus Christ would destroy Facebook servers if her videos weren’t restored on the platform.




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