'Dr Romantic 2' Week 7: Kim Sabu and Dr Park make tough calls in surgery, Yang Se-jong's Do In-beom is back

Another familiar face from 'Dr. Romantic' has been reintroduced this week in its follow up season 'Dr. Romantic 2'. Do In-beom is Chairman Do Yoon-wan's son who stood up against his father the last time

                            'Dr Romantic 2' Week 7: Kim Sabu and Dr Park make tough calls in surgery, Yang Se-jong's Do In-beom is back
Yang Se-jong as Do In-beom (SBS)

Not everyone can be saved, even by the best of doctors. Especially not by doctors who are blind to a patient's condition and those who enter an operating room with one thought only, and that is to win against all odds. 'Dr. Romantic 2' in episodes 13 and 14 portray exactly this by drawing a parallel between Kim Sabu (Han Suk-kyu) who goes against his patient's wishes by going against the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) that was signed, and Dr. Park Min-gyu (Kim Joo-hun) who goes against the warning of a fellow anesthesiologist about a patient's condition not being the best for a surgery to be done. The former saves the life of someone who didn't want to be resuscitated if his heart were stopped and the latter sees his patient die on the operation table.

This week's episodes build-up to this conflict beginning from Dr. Park's stubborn need to schedule the operation for a VIP patient just because he wants to prove himself to Kim Sabu and because he wanted to show Chairman Do (Choi Jin-ho) that he was capable of handling Kim Sabu. His anesthesiologist, Dr. Shim warns him about a pre-existing medical condition in the patient that doesn't allow for the surgery to take place and she even refuses to schedule the surgery in, but in the end because of her loyalty and because it is what Dr. Park wants, she ends up agreeing with him. 

In the meanwhile, because she knows this will be a difficult operation, she suggests that Dr. Seo Woo-jin (Ahn Hyo-seop) be used as the first assistant instead of Dr. Park's usual assistant Dr. Yang Jo-hoon (Ko Sang-ho). Dr. Yang is already jealous of Dr. Seo for the reputation that he has built at the Doldam Hospital. He doesn't want to let Dr. Seo ruin his future with Dr. Park and so ends up using Dr. Seo's senior who he had outed for malpractice to get him to leave Doldam.  

A still of Dr Seo Woo-jin in 'Dr Romantic 2' (SBS)

The thugs who are out to get Dr. Seo for a large amount of money he owes them end up blackmailing him by warning him that they will go to the extent of hurting Kim Sabu. So while he is forced to agree to leave, Dr. Cha Eun-jae who has gotten close to Dr. Seo recently cannot stand the fact that he is being forced to leave Doldam and even ends up confronting both Dr. Seo's senior and Dr. Yang for being unfair. Dr. Cha has finally learned not to put up with workplace harassment even if it comes from her senior because there are boundaries that even seniors are not allowed to cross and that includes asking if Dr. Cha slept with Dr. Seo just because she stood up for him. This sexist remark is not the first time she has heard such derogatory remarks and this time, she doesn't let it slide. 

Dr. Cha smacks Dr. Yoon's head and tells him that there is no reason why she would take such comments from him anymore. At the same time, it becomes clear to her that Dr. Seo is not going to be easily convinced when it comes to staying back in Doldam Hospital. At this time, Dr. Ah-reum ends up taking a call about a patient who has lung cancer having passed out and hurt his head. Turns out it is none other than Doldam Hospital's former President Mr. Yeo and when he flatlines, nurse Eun-tak stops everyone from performing CPR because Dr. Yeo had signed a DNR. 

It seems as if Kim Sabu is about to give in and let Mr. Yeo pass but he has a change of mind and goes against Mr. Yeo's wishes to save him. It is this patient and Dr. Park's patient who are treated in parallel to underline the differences between Kim Sabu and Dr. Park more dramatically. 

While the hospital is in a mess and Dr. Do now has enough on his side to shut down Doldam Hospital if necessary, we see his son Dr. Do In-beom return to the hospital where he first discovered the true meaning of what being a doctor meant. 

We have to see if he has come to help Kim Sabu and if so, how, in the upcoming episode. 'Dr Romantic 2' episodes air on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm on SBS.

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