'Dr Romantic 2' Ending Explained: Here's what the future potentially holds for Kim Sabu and Doldam in season 3

'Dr. Romantic 2' ended February 25 with a personal best rating for the season and here's what the ending teased for the future of the show and its characters if the show is renewed for season 3

                            'Dr Romantic 2' Ending Explained: Here's what the future potentially holds for Kim Sabu and Doldam in season 3
Kim Sabu (SBS)

'Dr. Romantic 2' came to an end with 16 episodes after a successful run. The show is a sequel to 'Dr. Romantic' and sees many of the major characters such as Kim Sabu (Han Suk-kyu), Dr. Jung In-soo (Yoon Na-moo), nurse Oh Myung Shim (Jin Kyung), Park Eun-tak (Kim Min-jae) and Jang Gi-tae (Lim Won-hee) among others being reprised. The show added Ahn Hyo-seop and Lee Sung Kyung as cast members to play Seo Woo-jin and Cha Eun-jae and the season portrayed how their struggles as doctors came to be resolved after becoming a part of Doldam Hospital. 

The final episode of the show ended on a high note after Kim Sabu managed to separate Doldam's administration from that of the main hospital in Seoul which was headed by Dr. Do Yoon-wan. So now, there is no way Doldam hospital would face external pressure to be shut down and can in fact work to build it into a government-funded trauma center. Kim Sabu also manages to get Dr. Park Min-gyu (Kim Joo-hun) on his side by convincing him that he must not give in to the pressure of operating on VIP clients anymore. 

Dr. Seo and Dr. Cha in 'Dr. Romantic 2'. (SBS)

Eun-jae decides to continue working at the Doldam Hospital despite being invited to work at the main hospital in Seoul now that she has gotten over her issue of nausea in the operation theatre. She also confessed her feelings for Woo-jin to him and the two have begun dating, but the most interesting part about the last episode is the 'Oddball Project'. The project currently consists of all the cases, diagnoses that Doldam Hospital has come across in the past year, which was unique in some form or other. It is an entry of all possible diagnoses for cases that might otherwise seem tough to crack, and armed with this, Kim Sabu forges a new path for Doldam Hospital. 

He has also got the funding to run the hospital successfully without interference from Dr. Do, but the future might see an all-new antagonist become a part of the so far intriguing mix of characters. Another interesting hint that we noticed in the final two episodes of the show was Dr. Do In-beom's (Yang Se-jon) claim of returning to work at Doldam Hospital very soon. Does that mean that the installment will center around him? It is a possibility as the first installment of the show did not dive in deep when it came to his character, except for his traumatic relationship with his father. Could the guest appearance this season mean that the actor is interested in taking on a bigger role if the show returns for another season? That is something we will have to wait to hear from the network of the show -- SBS.

A poster of 'Dr. Romantic 2'. (Source: SBS)

At the end of 'Dr. Romantic 2' though, when the cast and crew of the show bid goodbye, Han Suk-kyu who portrays the role of Kim Sabu, had commented on the possibility of a third season of the show. He said according to Soompi, "If the opportunity arises, I will wait with hope and anticipation for a third season." So we can definitely continue to hope for more when it comes to this romantic doctor's adventures!

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