'Dr Romantic 2' Week 7 sees Dr Seo Woo-jin getting kidnapped, Kim Sabu and Dr Park at each other again

Woo-jin has been kidnapped by the loansharks from whom he has borrowed a large sum of money, and who probably beat him badly too

                            'Dr Romantic 2' Week 7 sees Dr Seo Woo-jin getting kidnapped, Kim Sabu and Dr Park at each other again
Ahn Hyo-seop as Dr. Seo Woo-jin in 'Dr Romantic 2'(SBS)

In last week's episode of 'Dr Romantic 2', we saw Dr Cha Eun-jae and Dr Seo Woo-jin cross an important hurdle. Woo-jin had found out that Eun-jae's brother, also a doctor, made an accidental incision while operating on a patient, and the brother, Eun-ho, decided to use her by getting their mother involved in order to get out of trouble.

However, Eun-jae decides to support Woo-jin and tells her mother that she will not speak up for her brother in any case. In the end, Woo-jin and Eun-jae step out after a tiring Friday in Doldam Hospital, and when Eun-jae is busy paying for her towed car, Woo-jin goes missing. 

The promo of the upcoming episodes shows how Woo-jin has been kidnapped by the men who had lent him a huge amount of money. It also looks as if these men got violent with him as right after a patient with head trauma is admitted to Doldam Hospital. The face of the patient is hidden and everyone in the hospital seems worried about performing surgery on the patient because the chances of the patient's survival are minimal. 


We also see Dr Do, Kim Sabu's enemy from the previous season, visit the hospital and taunt him further to continue butting heads with the current president of Doldam Hospital. We also see Eun-jae search for Woo-jin as soon as he disappears, however, it is not clear if she finds him or if he is the patient who is wheeled into the hospital.

Considering how the loansharks seemed violent when they were handling Woo-jin, it is plausible that he indeed is the patient. 

Amid all of this, the romance between Dr Ah-reum and nurse Eun-tak is still brewing. This has been simmering since the show began and now that the two are getting closer, we can't help but ship them. The couple have a charm that has been aptly portrayed by actors So Ju-yeon and Kim Min-jae. 

'Dr Romantic 2' episodes air on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm on SBS.

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