'Dr Pimple Popper': Sandra Lee pops a pimple that oozes out like 'movie theater butter'

Sandra Lee is getting rid of a pimple and the description of it might ruin eating popcorn for some

                            'Dr Pimple Popper': Sandra Lee pops a pimple that oozes out like 'movie theater butter'

Dr Sandra Lee is known for popping some of the biggest cysts and viewers have gotten a chance to witness it all on her famous show 'Dr Pimple Popper'. While no new season of the show is currently airing on TLC, Dr Lee has made sure that her fans get the daily dose of pimple popping on her social media page. 

Sharing a series of cases from the show, Dr Lee showcased some of the biggest cysts that she has popped on the show. In the latest Instagram add, Dr Lee posted a video where she was seen popping the pimple out of her patient. While it is unclear who her patient was, Dr Lee can be seen focusing on the circles that were made to know where the cyst is. 

One thing that Dr Lee often does with her patients is that she talks to them. To ensure they are comfortable in the environment, she mostly asks them about their day and family, among other things. In the video, Dr Lee can be heard engaging in a similar conversation and the patient seems to be narrating a story involving her family member. Hearing the conversation, one would think it was a smooth appointment but the viewers are taken by surprise when Dr Lee puts a needle in the cyst to make it pop. As soon as the needle is out, the cyst oozes out a yellow liquid. She captioned the post as, "Like the movie theater butter!" along with an emoji of popcorn. 

Fans of the show were quick to react to the video. "Don’t ruin butter for me too!!" one user wrote. Another wrote, "The fact that it looks like butter is FRIGHTENINGLY awesome." "Your food references are hilarious," said another. 

Meanwhile, for some, their expectations from the video were higher as they wrote, "I prefer the hard pops. The runny ones remind me of mucus." Another wrote, "For some reason, I hate the buttery ones. Something about their ooziness. I like cysts and blackheads the best." 

While no new season of the show is airing at the moment, TLC has been showcasing some of the best pops on the show. You can tune in to TLC on Thursdays at 9 pm ET to watch it. Meanwhile, you can watch the described video here

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