'Dr Pimple Popper': From oatmeal cyst to testicle-like growth, here are most shocking pops Dr Lee has shown us

Dr Sandra Lee has blessed us with some very satisfying pops throughout the different seasons and here's looking at some of them

                            'Dr Pimple Popper': From oatmeal cyst to testicle-like growth, here are most shocking pops Dr Lee has shown us
Dr. Sandra Lee (TLC)

Dr Sandra Lee knows how to work her magic on lipomas, pimples and any skin complication that one can think of. Her unique ability even got her the name, Dr. Pimple Popper. Dr Lee has proved it time and again that she is not afraid to squeeze some big pops and for all those people who feel satisfied watching such videos, we have good news for you all.

'Dr Pimple Popper' is coming back with a new season. Despite coronavirus taking control of her life, Dr Lee is not sitting back. Taking charge of things, she is ready to change the lives of people. However, ahead of the season premiere, here's looking at some of the most satisfying pops of all time along with cases that left the viewers shocked. 

1. An abnormal growth that looks like a testicle 


Ravon has always been embarrassed by the massive growth that has been taking place on his leg. Taking the shape of a testicle, he admitted that there have been times when he has not been able to do the activities that he used to do before. He further revealed that he was embarrassed to meet Dr Lee because of where the growth was placed and how it looked. 

Even though Dr Lee has seen some of the worst cases, she admitted that she has never seen anything like what Ravon had. However, she assured him that it is something that can be fixed. Taking Ravon as her patient, Dr. Lee performed a surgery that left Ravon satisfied and confident about himself. 

2. Irais comes with the biggest pillar cyst Dr Lee has seen


Irais had been having a hard time living with a big bump on her head. For a long time, she thought it was a cyst but seeing it grow in size, the fear of it being a tumor started taking over her. Despite having the bump for eight years, Irais could never go and meet a doctor as she did not have enough money. 

When Dr Lee first saw the bump, she admitted that it was the biggest pillar cyst she had ever seen. However, it wasn't something that could not be fixed. Without wasting any time, Dr. Lee performed the surgery and before anyone could know it, Irais's cyst was gone.

3. Dr Lee discovers a hidden cyst 


Dr Lee is Dora the explorer when it comes to finding cysts that one may not have noticed. A situation like this came up when she was treating a patient. Dr Lee revealed that the patient had come for some other treatment but when she was going through his chest area, she chanced on a big cyst. 

When one looks at it, they might think it is a backhead. However, she was able to squeeze the cyst out completely.

4. A cyst that looks like oatmeal 


One may not be able to have oatmeal after watching this video! Dr Lee was shocked to see a patient having a big cyst on his leg. However, she was more surprised to see how the cyst did not burst open. 

When she first looked at it, she knew that the cyst had to be squeezed to make sure her patient could walk freely. Without wasting any time, she did what she does best and that is to make a cut and let the cyst flow. Dr Lee admitted that it looked like oatmeal. Once it was done, she was pleased to see her patient satisfied. 

5. A cyst that looks like mud


Victor came to meet Dr Lee in the hope to say goodbye to his friend, Larry. Larry is a cyst that has been growing on Victor's chest for a long time. Over the years. it kept growing in size and that led to Victor naming his cyst. However, after having an uninvited companion for a long time, Victor admitted that it was time for Larry to go. 

When Dr Lee looked at the cyst, she knew right then that it could be easily taken care of. Without wasting much time, she got to the task and made two cuts on the cyst to squeeze it out. Once the cyst started coming out, Dr Lee admitted that it looked like mud. She explained that the color of the cyst was different for people because of the amount of pigment one had in their body. Before Victor knew it, Larry was gone. 

'Dr. Pimple Popper' Before the Pop' airs on September 3, 2020, at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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