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What is Dr Sandra Lee's net worth? 'Dr Pimple Popper' to skincare line, here's how she is making millions

With 6.75 million followers on YouTube, there is no doubt that Dr Lee manages to extract some amount of money from it
Dr Sandra Lee (Getty Images)
Dr Sandra Lee (Getty Images)

Dr Sandra Lee has made a name for herself ever since she appeared on TLC as 'Dr Pimple Popper'. The reality star and doctor have managed to treat thousands of patients and even lockdown is not stopping her. She has been meeting her patients online and making sure they are able to move forward with their lockdown in peace. 

The show has helped Dr Lee add millions to her net worth. With the show coming with a new season in December, there is no doubt that she is not going anywhere. However, her television appearances are not the only thing that Dr Lee has been doing. The infamous doctor also has a YouTube channel in which she does not hesitate to show off some of the pops. 

With 6.75 million followers on YouTube, there is no doubt that Dr Lee manages to extract some amount of money from it. The exact amount is unknown. Dr Jeffrey Rebish, who is Dr Lee's husband confirmed that YouTube was bringing some amount of money. "She actually didn't even tell me what was going on until she had a serious following. Once YouTube was paying her and the videos were actually bringing in money, she filled me in," he said, as reported by Refinery 29. 

She had previously hinted that before YouTube changed its strategy, she was making a six-figure salary just by posting videos on it. "Before YouTube demonetized, posting my videos was quite lucrative. At one point, my channel was bringing in six figures a month, and that was ridiculous," Dr Lee told Wealthsimple. "But that ended. Still, I was lucky enough to have already built an audience. If I started posting to YouTube now, I don't think I could build up anything close to what I have."

Dr Lee also has her own skincare line called SLMD skincare. She has a wide range of products and there is no doubt that people have been crazy about it. She has managed to find shelf space for her products in big retail houses like Target. At the same time, she seels them on her official site and often advertises them on her social media page. 

She often posts about other brands on her social media. Media personalities tend to get paid for endorsing other brands on their social media platform. With Dr Lee being a huge name in the industry, chances are she receives some amount of money for doing so. Dr Lee has also published her own book titled 'Put Your Best Face Forward'. 

Even though the exact details of the revenue made due to the sale are unknown, Dr Lee sure did show people that she is capable of doing anything. Apart from all this, Dr Lee also runs her own practice where she meets patients often. With her name already becoming quite popular, it becomes easier for her to get clients. 

With so many things in her bag, Dr Lee's net worth sores high. She has a total of $8 million in net worth, as reported by Refinery 29. 

'Dr Pimple Popper' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on TLC.