'Dr Pimple Popper': How does Luke hide hundreds of lipomas on his body? His case leaves Dr Sandra Lee shocked

Luke met Dr Lee to help him with his lipomas and revealed that he hides them so well that even his in-laws are unaware of his condition

                            'Dr Pimple Popper': How does Luke hide hundreds of lipomas on his body? His case leaves Dr Sandra Lee shocked
Luke (TLC)

Dr Sandra Lee has made it clear that she will go on even if the world comes to a stop with the coronavirus pandemic. In the latest episode (October 29), Dr Lee met a patient named Luke who had been struggling with hundreds of lipomas on his body. Luke decided to come and meet Dr Lee in the hope that his condition could be cured. 

In a video that he sent to Dr Lee, Luke revealed he had an uncountable number of lipomas on his body and they would appear spontaneously on his back, hand, leg, stomach and other places of the body. He first started noticing the lipomas when he was in high school. Following that, they have been unmanageable. 

After struggling with them for a long time, Luke decided to pay a visit to some doctors. He underwent three surgeries to take care of his lipomas, but they were not of much help. Luke showed the scars that were formed due to the surgery. Dr Lee revealed they were hypertrophic scars and are similar to keloid. 

Luke said the doctors managed to take only a few lipomas off of him. He added that there had been different ways by which he was successful in hiding the bumps from others. Luke, who has been married for a while, admitted that his in-laws have never seen the bumps and don't know about his condition. 

While Dr Lee was shocked to hear this, Luke was quick to add that he had some tricks up his sleeves, like the type of clothes he wears, to ensure they never find out about it. He further added that he had been working out a lot to make sure he at least he stays fit, even if he can't get rid of the lipomas on his body. 

Looking at the number of lipomas Luke had, Dr Lee knew he wanted someone to help him. Dr Lee said that she could remove the lipomas from his body. However, she wanted to wait until the lockdown was over so she could run some proper tests before starting the procedure. 

'Dr. Pimple Popper' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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