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'Dr Pimple Popper': Roger has two grapefruit size lumps on his nose, can Dr Lee help him without complications?

The lumps started as a sore on his nose 11 years ago and soon got infected and it has been increasing in size since then, affecting his day to day life
Dr Lee and Roger (TLC)
Dr Lee and Roger (TLC)

Dr Sandra Lee has been spending quarantine at home, but that has not stopped her from taking care of her patients. Meeting them via video call, Dr Lee has been helping her patients understand what they have been suffering from. While she has managed to help many, one patient that she was shocked to meet was Roger. 

Roger has two grapefruit size lumps on his nose and he has struggled with it for over 11 years. In a video that he sent to Dr Lee, Roger revealed the lump started as a sore on his nose that later got infected. Over the years, it has grown, but it peaked in the last three years. 

It has reached a point where Roger had to learn how to use his left hand because his right hand was often occupied to make sure that the lumps do not get in the way of eating and speaking. At the same time, Roger revealed he now also breathes through his mouth as the lump covers his nostrils and does not allow him to breathe through it. Roger's brother was quick to add that the lumps have affected his life as most of the time he is angry, sad and does not like to go out. Roger admitted he has not been able to find a job because of his condition. He recalled he was once thrown out of a shop because the owner thought he was scaring people.

A similar incident was repeated when the owners of the house did not want him near because it scared the children. Roger became emotional when he recalled these memories and added that the weight of the lumps sometimes becomes unbearable. Seeing how he has been struggling, Dr Lee knew she had to help him out. However, she first wanted to see where is it attached. Roger managed to lift the lumps and Dr Lee came to the conclusion that he had Rhinophyma. Even though she has managed to remove them from the noses of many people, Dr Lee said it was a very severe case of Rhinophyma, one she had never seen before. 

However, before this, she asked him to get the scans done in the hope of finding out if the lumps have done any damage to his nose. She hinted there might be a chance that the next time she meets Roger, he can go back by losing some weight off him. 

'Dr. Pimple Popper' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on TLC.