'Dr Pimple Popper': A buffalo hump or lipoma? Paul comes to Dr Lee to get decade-old growth off his back

Paul Duke has had the growth on his back since he was a teenager and after years of having it, he wanted to get it treated by Dr Sandra Lee

                            'Dr Pimple Popper': A buffalo hump or lipoma? Paul comes to Dr Lee to get decade-old growth off his back
Paul Duke (TLC)

Paul Duke had been living a normal life up until he started feeling a growth on his neck. Recalling his past, Paul revealed that he first noticed the growth when he was a teenager. While the bump did not cause him any problem, things changed when nearly 10 years ago Paul started feeling pain. The doctors found out that there was some underlying condition dealing with his sciatic nerve. 

To help ease the pain, Paul was advised to take steroids. While the pain stopped, he noticed that the growth got bigger in size. It reached a point where he was not able to move his head. Paul admitted that it had affected his self-esteem and his work. Due to the bump, Paul became a butt of jokes.

At the same time, since he worked as a driver for heavy vehicles, Paul revealed that the bump forced him to turn his entire body to the side while changing lanes which has often put him in danger of having an accident. Fearing that things would continue to be the same, Paul decided to seek help from Dr Sandra Lee. 

Dr Lee is known to work her magic on people with lumps, boils and tumors, but she was not prepared to see what Paul had brought for her. When she looked at the bump, Dr Lee thought it was a "buffalo hump" or a "lipoma". A buffalo hump is a lump of fat that tends to form in the back of the shoulder. Meanwhile, a lipoma is a benign tumor of fat that can occur anywhere in the body.

 To make sure she got it right, Dr Lee decided to make a cut to inspect what was going on. As soon as she made the cut, she declared the growth to be a lipoma. Dr Lee was happy to see that the lipoma was pushing itself out. However, since it had been on the back for nearly a decade, she admitted that it was stuck inside. Trying to get all the lipoma out of the pocket had Dr Lee struggling to keep things tidy. She admitted that it was the messiest lipoma she had treated. Despite this, she did not give up and assured Paul that every inch of the lipoma along with its pocket would be out. After spending a good amount of time trying to remove the lipoma, Dr Lee was successful. 

She stitched the wound to make sure it healed easily.  After the surgery, when Paul looked at his back, he was pleased to see that the rest of his days would happier and easy-going. 

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