'Dr Pimple Popper': Tim finally gets rid of a melon-sized lymphoma weighing 12 ounces from his back

'Dr Pimple Popper': Tim finally gets rid of a melon-sized lymphoma weighing 12 ounces from his back
Tim (TLC)

Tim has been a confident man his entire life but things changed when he started seeing a lump growing on his back. Tim first noticed the lump nearly 10 years ago but since it was small in size, he decided to ignore it and not consult a doctor. However, things changed with time as the lump slowly started growing in size. 

It is then that he decided to consult a doctor. The doctors told Tim that it was lymphoma and even though they stated that it could be removed, Tim decided to ignore it. Unfortunately, it reached a point where it became so big that Tim struggled to carry on his everyday life activities.

To make things worse, Tim struggled to work properly at his farm as well. Tim has been working on the farm for nearly 40 years, but things started becoming difficult for him after the lump grew in size. He found it hard to drive a tractor as he was forced to sit in a manner that would not hurt his back. He also faced difficulty when he had to fix vehicles as he could not lay on his back for a long time. 


To make matters worse, the lump had slowly started affecting his social life as well. Tim revealed that he hadn't been on a date in nearly 20 years as he did not feel confident to talk to anyone because of the lump. This has also affected his social life when it comes to his friends. Tim started avoiding social gatherings to make sure that he does not have to interact with people.

Tim's friends believe that he should get it removed as it would help him with his self-esteem. Finally, Tim thinks it is time for him to take a chance and treat the lump. He decides to meet Dr Lee who looks at the lump and stated that it is the biggest thing that she has ever seen. 

She added that it was in fact lymphoma and one of the biggest she had seen till now. Comparing it to the size of a melon, Dr Lee was able to remove the lump. She was shocked to see how heavy it felt. When weighed, she realized that the lump weighed 12 ounces and Dr Lee was quick to reveal that it is the biggest and heaviest lump she has seen so far. 


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