Dr Pimple Popper just squeezed a big cyst from a man's head and fans think it looks like churros

Dr Sandra Lee aka Dr Pimple Popper gave viewers something to look at as they struggle to kill their boredom while self-isolating

                            Dr Pimple Popper just squeezed a big cyst from a man's head and fans think it looks like churros
('Dr Pimple Popper')

'Dr Pimple Popper' might have taken a leave from the television screen but that does not mean the show has forgotten about their fans. Luckily for the viewers, the reality show's social media page offers a lot more content to people to help them stay calm as they spend their days in self-isolation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

In a latest Instagram post, a video showed Dr Sandra Lee popping some large size cysts. The caption for the video read, "How would you react if someone told you, you were having TWINS?! 👯‍♀️ Well, this BRAND NEW pilar cyst is a proud twin & there’s a lot more to this video."

The video featured a compilation of large size cysts that are enough to gross or calm someone down. The first video showed a man with a large cyst on his head. The cyst named, "the siamese twin pillar cyst" was large in size and fans had already guessed that when it is popped, it would be a big one. 

Well, they were not disappointed. Dr Lee first made a small cut in the cyst to make room for the pus to ooze out. When she first pressed on the cyst, a large amount of pus came out of the hole. She slowly put the pressure on it with the hope that all the pus would come out together. Once she did that, as expected, the pus came out in the form of a string and before she knew it, the cyst had completely disappeared and the skin had flattened.  

People could not help but comment on the string of pus looked a lot like churros. Many were quick to put forward their thoughts in the comment section. "Looks like a churro," read one comment. While another echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "It looks a lot like a churro!"

Meanwhile, some had their own wild imagination as one wrote, "It looks like play dough". Another added, "Reminded me of a piece of turkey jerky" while another wrote, "
I know this sounds nasty but it looks just like ice cream."

While people had different guesses over what it resembled, there is no doubt that the video allowed them to take a break and break their cycle of boredness while in quarantine. 

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