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'Dr Pimple Popper: A Pimple Carol': Top 5 most satisfying Dr Sandra Lee videos

Tune in for some of the best ooey-gooey pops by the popping expert!
Dr Sandra Lee (Instagram/drpimplepopper)
Dr Sandra Lee (Instagram/drpimplepopper)

TLC's Dr Pimple Popper aka Dr Sandra Lee is bringing to all popaholics a special offering for Christmas in the form of 'Dr Pimple Popper: A Pimple Carol'. The gift is meant for Christmas while we wait for the next season of the pimple popping extravaganza.

These weirdly satisfying pimple popping videos have created a niche for themselves with their uniquely gross yet satisfying concept. After all who wouldn't like getting all that gunk out of your body and experiencing comfort and confidence. If you want to check out more festive pimple-popping then have a look at 'Dr Pimple Popper’ Season Squeezings' as well. So before you dive into the Christmas special here are 5 of the most satisfying pops on Dr Pimple Popper.


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1. Not a black diamond, but a MASSIVE blackhead

Almost all of us have those annoying little blackheads and whiteheads that haunt portions of our face and make it their home. But most of them are easily removable with a small tool or a decent scrub. Dr Sandra Lee who deals with most extreme cases digs up a bunch of these on the regular. One such case saw her extract a gem-sized blackhead from a 55-year-old with the oh-so huge blackhead being dug up beautifully!


2. The cyst SQUEEZE

One of Dr Sandra Lee's patients came in with a considerably huge bump which was a massive and hairy cyst. Doing what she does best the doctor got to work to help the patient be free of it. In a grossly satisfying moment after she creates an opening, her squeeze pushed out creamy white gunk continuously until the bump is no less than a mosquito bite swelling.


3. Sixty? No big deal!

A patient comes in needing help and my on my does she need it multiple times...60 to be exact! Steatocystomas are all over the woman's body but Dr Lee's ready to get to work. Over an extensive 3-hour period she goes on to pop these juicy pus-filled blobs, each squeeze resulting in yellow goo gloriously exiting her skin.


4. Bored of yellow and white? We have grey as well!

Not all of Dr Pimple Popper's cases and the same and that goes for what comes out of the patients' skin as well. In a fascinating yet sicky fashion instead of the usual yellow fondue-like pus, this cyst yielded an almost waxy grey excretion that keeps on coming out like toothpaste. Just like you popaholics we weirdly couldn't look away from the scene.


5. Unicorn no more!

Dr Pimple Popper's patients seem to have pimples, cysts and much more all over their body and this particular patient had a cyst placed right on top of his forehead like a baby unicorn horn. But nothing deters Dr Sandra Lee as she gets to work. The initial step of cutting open the cyst may be a bit disturbing but what comes next is purely satisfying as she goes in for the squeeze that gushes out with the yellow pus that viewers of the show strangely can't look away from. This is followed up by surgical removal of the remaining mass that surely made the patient happy to have out of his forehead.