'MAFS' Season 15: Dr Pepper's offbeat advice to couples leaves fans in frenzy, viewers call her 'pretty worthless'

'MAFS' Season 15: Dr Pepper's offbeat advice to couples leaves fans in frenzy, viewers call her 'pretty worthless'
Dr Pepper Schwartz, Morgan and Bing in 'MAFS' Season 15 Episode 11 (Lifetime)

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: Season 15 couples on 'Married at First Sight' have reached the midpoint of their journey, and as they prepare for the impending Decision Day, they're delving into one other's pasts. With only 23 days till Decision Day, Dr Pepper Schwartz paid a visit to the married couples, where her advice left fans torn.

The newlyweds met with expert Dr Pepper Schwartz in the episode titled 'Back to Our Future' to help them narrow their courses and assess their potential. In addition to looking forward, the partners are also reflecting on their formative experiences from their youth. Dr Pepper meets the couples separately in their homes, starting with Morgan and Binh, who speak more bluntly about the problem. Morgan acknowledges that she has questioned her own conduct in the relationship and worries that she has made herself inaccessible to Binh in terms of openness, which may be the reason why he has chosen to confide in Justin. Binh acknowledges that he could have handled the issue better.


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Stacia and Nate spoke about the difficulties they have had adjusting to one another's relationship approaches. Dr Pepper reassures them that they didn't marry a different version of themselves, but adds that holding hands throughout difficult talks can help them avoid hurt feelings. Dr Pepper inquires about their intimacy and discovers that they have taken their relationship to the next level by consummating their marriage.

Stacia, Nate, and Dr Pepper Schwartz in 'MAFS' Season 15 episode 11 (Lifetime)
Stacia, Nate, and Dr Pepper Schwartz in 'MAFS' Season 15 episode 11 (Lifetime)

After putting so much work into the relationship, Krysten admits that she feels a bit lost in the relationship with Mitch as they speak candidly with the expert. Krysten tells Mitch that she is pretty satisfied but wants reassurance that he is still in the relationship rather than just having feelings for her. As long as Mitch follows Dr Pepper's instructions to let go of fear and lean into the relationship, he believes he can fulfill the request.

Although Alexis was worried about the future of their relationship, she and Justin admitted to Dr Pepper that their marriage has been a little difficult lately and that they'd started over. They recently learned that Justin's dog won't be allowed to go home because of his ongoing unpredictable behavior after attacking Alexis' young puppy, so it's a challenging start. Dr Pepper commends their desire to try, but cautions that it won't solve every issue and counsels Alexis to embrace her sensitive side more.

Lindy and Miguel, who were the last to be seen, are currently in a great position as they converse with Dr Pepper. The two decide to take her advice and explore their relationship further after giving the expert some freshly made cookies. Additionally, Dr Pepper queries whether they had exchanged "I love yous". They aren't shy to admit that they haven't said the words yet, but they are on their way. All they want is for those words to truly matter and have meaning when they do.

Even though most advice seemed beneficial, fans aren't, however, sure if they were right for most. Looking at how Dr Pepper handled Morgan and Binh's issue, a fan wrote, "They must have given Dr Pepper the cliff notes version of what happened because I didn’t hear anything of value that would hold Morgan accountable to her part of the problem #MAFS #MAFSsandiego #MarriedAtFirstSight."

Some fans also think, Dr Pepper did Morgan a "disservice" with her advice, "Dr Pepper et al ya’ll better post that more of the session did not make the cut otherwise you and production did Binh a HUGE disservice. Morgan needs more than a letter. She needs therapy as a single woman. #MAFSsandiego #MAFS."

Fans felt Dr Pepper was unfair in her advise for Morgan and Binh, "Dr Pepper had great advice for the other couples, but nothing meaningful was said to Binh and Morgan. It’s like the experts are just giving up and cutting their losses with them. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS #MAFSsandiego."

One fan wrote how Binh had received more help from Nate than Dr Pepper, "Binh had more help from Nate than he did Dr. Pepper ! She was very much Dr. Sprite tonight because what she served was very much decaffeinated! #MAFSSanDiego."





One fan also called for Dr Pepper's replacement, "I vote we bring back Dr. Viv and get Dr. Pepper outta here #MAFSsandiego #MarriedAtFirstSight."

Calling Dr Pepper 'worthless' a fan wrote, "Dr. Pepper is pretty worthless today re. Binh and Morgan. They need the most help. #Mafslifetime #MarriedAtFirstSight #Mafs #marriedatfirstsightsandiego #MAFSsandiego."

Comparing the experts on 'MAFS' US to its Australian version, one fan tweeted, "#MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSightSanDiego #mafsSanDiego This is where #MAFSAU is so much better than #mafs in the US... The experts on AU would have ripped Morgan a new a-hole, instead Dr. Pepper let Binh take all the blame and didn't call Morgan out at all!"

One fan felt the only Dr Pepper advice that made sense to them was that to Krysten and Mitch, "The Dr. Pepper sessions are way too short and feel rushed. The only one that I felt like has been useful so far was Krysten and Mitch’s. #MAFSsandiego #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight."





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