Tired of unfounded cellulite treatments? Dr Penelope Tympanidis reveals how to take care of your skin

Tired of unfounded cellulite treatments? Dr Penelope Tympanidis reveals how to take care of your skin
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If you have spent time agonizing over your cellulites and feeling insecure about your body, your troubles are at an end. Enter Creme Anti-Cellulite by Skin689, a revolutionary skin care cream that promises to not only remove all traces of cellulitis but also makes skin tighter and firmer.

“When I first discovered about the active ingredient CHacoll® in skin689's Anti-Cellulite Creme, I was taken in by the innovation,” says Dr Penelope Tympanidis, consultant dermatologist and head of Dermaperfect skin clinic based in Harley Street, central London.

“To know that such innovations are taking place gives viable options for those who are looking for alternatives and accessibility in treating cellulite.”

In an interview, Dr Tympanidis opens up about skin care, cellulitis and Skin 689.

How important would you say proper skin care is to a person’s health?

Proper skin care is cardinal for healthy skin, and it is not a luxury simply because it is not complex nor is it expensive.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading information in the press and people find themselves aggravating existing skin issues or causing new ones by following the wrong advice. In most cases, consumers spend a fortune on several un-necessary products.

Proper skin care is simple and does not involve several lotions and potions.

Skin689 has a new anti-cellulite cream out. What exactly are the causes of cellulite?

Cellulite is secondary to many factors: hormones, lifestyle, nutrition, heredity, disease etc. Cellulite is an ill type of fat characterized by poor circulation (both blood and lymphatic), hypertrophic cells (fat cells in cellulite tissue are 10-20 times larger), and inflammation.

Thus, addressing such aesthetic problems requires intervention in more that one fronts. Needless to say, that heredity is the only cause of cellulite we are unable to address.

How exactly does Creme Anti-cellulite's active ingredient CHacoll work?

The patent-pending active ingredient CHacoll® supports the fibroblasts in the epidermis and dermis to synthesize more collagen. Thus the collagen fibers increase and the collagen fiber network is fortified. At the same time, the adipose tissue of the skin shrinks. Both lead to a remarkable improvement of the cellulite

The anti-cellulite cream has had some impressive clinical trials. Can we expect to see the product taking over stores soon?

What can we say – we sure hope so. But we won’t make such bold statements before we’re set to go.

Skin689 launched in the UK last year. How has the product been doing in retail?

We really only properly launched just now with Med-fx. However, online sales have been encouraging.

How will the company be looking to expand its market base? Can we perhaps expect an advertisement campaign and some celebrity brand ambassadors?

You can sure expect advertisement campaign in the coming months. Nothing planned re celebrity brand ambassador as yet.

What other exciting new products do you have in mind for us?

Stay tuned – within the next 4-6 weeks, a brand new product release will be announced!

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