Dr Monica Casper: GOP students slam SDSU dean for calling right-wingers 'stench'

Republican and conservative students at SDSU slammed Casper's views as 'hateful' and 'cancerous'

                            Dr Monica Casper: GOP students slam SDSU dean for calling right-wingers 'stench'
Dr Monica J Casper is a Democrat with strong liberal views on various sociopolitical issues (LinkedIn/Twitter)

Dr Monica J Casper, a noted sociologist and the dean of Gender and Women's Studies at San Diego State University, has drawn flak from Republican students for her radical leftist views. In a recent tweet, Casper brutally criticized the Conservative agenda, equating it with 'stench'. "Just so we're clear on the Right's agenda: racism good, abortion bad, money good, women bad, capitalism good, sustainability bad, stupidity good, science bad, power good, equality bad, white people good, nonwhite people bad. Stench, indeed," tweeted Casper. 

In one tweet, Casper slammed the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, saying, "No mercy, no justice – white supremacy wins again," while in another past tweet she made a scathing remark on the controversial abortion ban in Mississippi, which could reverse Roe vs Wade altogether. "Two sexual predators, a white lady, and some racists walk," hinting at the advocates at the Supreme Court. Needless to say, her strong liberal and leftist views did not sit well with right-wing hardliners. 


Republican and Conservative students at SDSU have dubbed Casper's views as 'hateful' and 'cancerous'. Dylan Martin, a spokesperson for the California College Republicans, said, "The tweets reflect the cancerous leftist ideology that has infected not just the average professor, but the upper leadership of our public universities. This dishonest narrative harms students." He further added, "This isn't isolated to Casper at SDSU, either; this way of thinking and this narrative is being driven by professors across the country every day."

In November 2020, before Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden was elected to power, Casper shared a meme where she equated Republicans with Nazis. The meme also shames the White Democrats who feel "uncomfortable" to challenge white supremacy. 

Alongside a cartoon illustration of a man and a woman holding hands, the post read, "This is Bob. He voted Republican. This is Bob's friend Sally. Sally voted Democrat. Bob wants to put many of Sally's friends into concentration camps. Bob is still friends with Sally because she's white. Sally is still friends with Bob because she is a coward, and challenging white supremacy makes her uncomfortable."


Though the Conservatives are up in arms against the professor, the university defended her remarks citing her right to free speech. It is important to know that faculty speech is protected by both the First Amendment and academic freedom principles, which are advanced by the American Association of University Professors. "At SDSU, we encourage all members of our community, including our faculty, to engage in open discourse, as it is our responsibility as a public institution to uphold and protect free speech. We know that open dialogue may introduce conversations about topics that are uncomfortable for some," the university management said in a statement, adding, "We support the free expression of our faculty, students and staff and maintain an environment that is supportive of different perspectives and experience."


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