Dr Mercy helps Rachel regain her self-esteem and confidence just before her wedding

In episode 2, Dr Mercy welcomes Rachel, who is struggling with excessive growth of facial hair just before her wedding

                            Dr Mercy helps Rachel regain her self-esteem and confidence just before her wedding
Dr Mercy helps another patient (TLC)

The recent episode of TLC's medical show, 'Dr Mercy', shows Dr Mercy Odueyungbo, a dermatologist and board-certified Mohs surgeon, tackle bizarre skin conditions and abnormalities. Her main goal is to take the best care and suggest the ideal treatment strategies that work best for each individual patient. In episode 2 of 'Dr Mercy', Dr Mercy welcomes Rachel, a woman in her mid to late twenties, struggling with excessive growth of facial hair and being commonly mistaken for a man.

When Rachel stepped into Lilly Dermatology, Dr Mercy's clinic, she opens up to her about how dejected she feels most of the time. Rachel suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common condition that affects how a woman's ovaries work. She already had one ovary removed, and does not menstruate unless induced by proper medication. The main feature of PCOS are irregular periods; which means your ovaries do not regularly release eggs (for ovulation). Like this in itself isn't a living nightmare, she has to shave her face regularly since the imbalance in hormones causes her face to grow a full beard. Amidst all this, she is engaged to be married and all she wants is to look and feel like the perfect bride on her wedding day.


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Luckily for Rachel, she is in the right hands! With years of experience under her belt, Dr Mercy takes a keen interest in Rachel's case, and advises laser treatment right away to shrink active hair follicles on her patient's face. She takes caution as to move slowly (after applying ultrasound gel) and not cause any pigmentation or scars. To complete the treatment, Rachel will have to come in for another 8 sessions, once every 4-6 weeks to completely eradicate her skin condition. 

At the end of the episode, we see a confident and grinning Rachel looking at herself in the mirror, crying as she thanks Dr Mercy for coming to her aid at the right time. She hugs her, before Rachel's sister, China, is called in to take a look. The sisters leave the clinic, but not without sending out a verbal invite to the wedding!

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