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'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4: Can Dr Ebonie fix a young girl's webbed toes without losing one?

Dr Ebonie Vincent prepares to perform a risky surgery to fix Brooklyn's webbed toes in Season 4 Episode 10 of 'My Feet Are Killing Me'
Dr Ebonie Vincent (L) comes across a case of severe webbed toes (pictured) in the season finale of 'My Feet Are Killing Me' (@TLC/Twitter)
Dr Ebonie Vincent (L) comes across a case of severe webbed toes (pictured) in the season finale of 'My Feet Are Killing Me' (@TLC/Twitter)

Podiatrists who conduct life-changing procedures will return for the season finale of the medical reality show 'My Feet Are Killing Me.' Dr Ebonie Vincent is confronted with the most severe case of webbed toes she has ever seen in the finale episode.

Season 4 of 'My Feet Are Killing Me' began on TLC on Wednesday, May 4, at 9 pm ET/PT. It is also available on FuboTV (free trial), Philo, and Sling. The series focuses on doctors Sarah Haller, Brad Schaeffer, and Ebonie Vincent, who use telemedicine to serve as many people as possible. They respond to urgent calls from patients who are unable to visit their clinics and assist people suffering from foot problems.


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Dr Ebonie talks to her patient who has webbed toes in 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4 Episode 10 (Twitter/TLC)

Dr Ebonie's surgical plan for Brooklyn's webbed toes includes separating the second and third toes on the left foot, as well as the fourth and fifth toes. Then she intends to perform the same thing with her right foot. Dr Ebonie wants to split Brooklyn's toes and cover up the scar with her own skin. However, she suggests a skin graft, namely for the toes she would be unable to cover post/during surgery.

Even though she is not convinced she would proceed with the skin graft, Dr Vincent begins to explain to Brooklyn that she might essentially use fish skin. Dr Ebonie affirms the potential of utilizing fish skin when Brooklyn inquires. Brooklyn does not appear to be thrilled with the prospect as she wants to avoid having fish skin on her body. Dr Ebonie tells Brooklyn that she would not notice the difference after it has healed. If she were to utilize human skin, she'd have to use Brooklyn's skin, which would result in an open wound. She adds that there are other different skin grafts available that she may use instead of sacrificing a section of Brooklyn's skin.

Dr Ebonie explains that fish skin is ideal for skin grafts because it is tough, and she will be able to handle it easier while sewing it to the patient's skin. Furthermore, fish skin is known to have very high omega-3, which is very healthy and lowers inflammation. The doctor will eventually merge it into Brooklyn's skin, and it will vanish. As a result, Brooklyn would not have scaly toes. She says that it would look and smell exactly like her toes, with no traces of fish.

Dr Ebonie prepares for the procedure after Brooklyn gives her consent. Dr Ebonie says at the end of the clip that she wanted to leave the session on a good note, but the dangers remain considerable. If the blood supply isn't there after she separates them, she can lose a toe.


Will Dr Ebonie maintain her flawless record this season, or will this be her first and final slump and Brooklyn will lose her toe? Tune in to TLC on Wednesday, July 6 at 9/8c for the finale of 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4.