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Dr Drew Pinsky checked 16-year-old Courtney Stodden's breasts to see if they were real, Internet says 'cancel him'

During a 2011 episode, Stodden appeared on 'Dr Drew's Lifechangers' with their then-husband Doug Hutchinson and their breasts underwent ultrasound in front of a live audience
UPDATED MAY 14, 2021
Courtney Stodden undergoes an ultrasound for the breasts on Dr Drew Pinksy's show while their husband Doug Hutchinson looks on (YouTube/ DrDrewLCTV)
Courtney Stodden undergoes an ultrasound for the breasts on Dr Drew Pinksy's show while their husband Doug Hutchinson looks on (YouTube/ DrDrewLCTV)

Courtney Stodden is speaking out against the incredibly ugly media treatment they received a decade ago when they were just 16 years old. A child bride at the time who had married 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson in 2011, Stodden was subjected to vile probing on network television. One particularly cringeworthy exchange is their appearance on Dr Drew's show back in 2011.

A minor at the time, Stodden, 16, had appeared on Drew's show 'Lifechangers' on The CW along with their then-husband Hutchinson. On the show, plastic surgeon Dr John Diaz conducted an ultrasound to check whether Stodden's breasts were real while they maintained that "a knife has never touched this body". The entire exchange is upsetting, and in Stodden's own words, will make one feel "sick to their stomach".


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You can watch the cringe-worthy video here.


The problematic ultrasound

During a 2011 episode, Stodden appeared on 'Dr Drew's Lifechangers' with their then-husband. And somehow, the interview included an ultrasound of Stodden's breasts. Clearly, it was a public demand to know how a 16-year-old could have them without doing surgery, as one can tell from the audience's peaked interests.

Initially, during the ultrasound, Dr Diaz seems to have found a "round object" that could have suggested surgery. But Stodden insisted that they hadn't gone under the knife. Upon further inspection, and after the entire audience had taken another good look at Stodden's X-rays, it was proved that they indeed never had any surgery done. "This is all normal tissue we are looking at," Dr Drew said at the time. "I guess she was telling us the truth," Dr Diaz agreed. "She doesn't look like she had an implant." 

Courtney Stodden's breasts being examined on the Dr Drew show (Dr Drew's Lifechangers/ The CW)

What is more concerning is the fact that their adult husband Hutchinson was right there. During the ultrasound, he just stood there, shrugging once in a while and looking quite smug. He had once reportedly said that Stodden's "plastic surgeon was God". 

'I feel like crying' 

Today, looking back at that particular appearance on the show fills Stodden with pain. In a recent interview they gave to Daily Beast, which opened this pandora's box of exploitation they had to go through, they said, "Even just hearing you (the interviewer) say that I feel like crying."

"I have a lot of trauma from that entire chapter in my life, and that’s the time where you’re developing - your brain’s developing, you’re becoming a woman. And as I’m forming, I am being mocked, overtly sexualized, abused — not only in my home, but internationally — and it really did a number on my self-confidence and my sense of worthiness, which I struggle with today," they said.

Courtney Stodden attends the 4th annual Roger Neal Oscar Viewing Dinner Icon Awards and after-party at Hollywood Palladium on February 24, 2019, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

"The first step to healing is to talk about it, and the way that I was treated on national TV by Dr Drew, I look back on it and I just feel sick to my stomach. That wouldn’t happen today, but we still do have children being overtly sexualized. Look at that congressman, Matt Gaetz. As a society, we need to recognize where things went wrong."

'Can we just cancel Dr Drew already?'

After the clip resurfaced, it has caused some stir online. "Among all the horrifying stuff in the Courtney Stodden interview there's this and... can we just cancel Dr Drew already?" one user tweeted. "Drew is trash. Pay him and he'll do or say anything," a user said on Reddit. "CN: Rape, CSA, child marriage. May Dr. Drew burn in hell. How horrific," another user wrote. "Put dr. drew in prison," another said.




Today, the YouTube video has more dislikes than likes. A user commented on the YouTube video, "This is disgusting. This girl is literally a teenager, and they are exploiting her on national television for views. That tech completely and totally inept at her job and if these are the kind of experts that are used on the show, I wouldn't trust anything they say ever. Gross." Another said, "This is so exploitative it's disgusting. How on earth was this allowed to even be filmed?"

Dr Drew Pinsky visits the SiriusXM Hollywood Studio on February 27, 2020, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)