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'Doubling Down With The Derricos': Dawsyn contracts pneumonia after undergoing heart surgery

Karen and Deon Derrico are worried about their daughter as the doctor informed them that she has pneumonia and this came immediately after her surgery
Karen and Dawsyn (TLC)
Karen and Dawsyn (TLC)

Karen and Deon Derrico were blessed with triplets but their smiles soon disappeared when they realized that one of their daughters, Dawsyn Derrico, had a hole in her heart. The doctor informed them that Dawsyn would require surgery to make sure she was doing fine. 

While Dawsyn underwent the surgery, the rest of the family prayed for the surgery to go well. Once it was over, Karen was informed that the surgery was successful. Hearing this news, the Derricos had been eagerly waiting to welcome the little one. However, a couple of weeks after the surgery, Karen was informed that Dawsyn had contracted pneumonia. 

Deon and Karen feared if she would be able to recover as she had just undergone surgery. Updating the viewers about the situation, Karen revealed that Dawsyn was fighting pneumonia to the best of her ability. Luckily, the family soon had happy news as she was doing better. Karen admitted that it was a relief to see her child get better day by day. The family got bigger good news ahead of Christmas when the doctor informed them that she could come home. While Karen and Deon thought it was finally time to celebrate, questions started arising in their minds when they realized that Dawsyn still needed a lot of care. 

The doctors informed her that Dawsyn would need a feeding tube to carry on for some time as her muscles were not used to taking in the food. While Karen and Deon thought they had everything under control, things looked different when Dawsyn was brought home. Karen struggled to understand what had to be done and decided to rush Dawsyn back to the hospital. 

While the family thought this would be a joyous occasion, Karen and Deon were disappointed to know that she had to be sent back to the hospital. Despite this, they decided to stay positive and focus on what could be done next. Luckily for Karen, she had the support of her 13 children who were present next to her. Their love and support made her believe that it was time to think about what can be done rather than dwell in the past and think about what had happened. 

'Doubling Down With The Derricos' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on TLC.