'Doubling Down With The Derricos': Deon reveals he didn't hold Carter's lifeless body as he wanted to move on

Deon Derrio opens up about how he really felt when he found out that their son Carter had passed away

                            'Doubling Down With The Derricos': Deon reveals he didn't hold Carter's lifeless body as he wanted to move on
Deon Derrico (TLC)

Deon and Karen Derrico have been trying to stay strong ever since they found out about their daughter's heart surgery. Dawsyn Derrico was born with a hole in her heart and the doctors informed the family that she would need two surgeries. The news came as a shock to the family, and Deon admitted that it was hard to see yet another child of his in that condition. 

Carter was born weeks before his due date and that led to him losing his life. Seeing Dawsyn in a similar condition, Deon wanted to keep himself away as he feared that he would breakdown. While he was facing a rollercoaster of emotions, Karen admitted that it was hard for her to face everything alone. 

With Deon being distant, the pressure was on her to be there for their daughter. Seeing this, Deon's mother GG decided to step in and talk to him. GG explained how important it was for Deon to be there for Karen and his daughter. She recalled how things were hard for her when there was no one by her side while she was raising him. 

Hinting that things would be a lot easier with someone around her, GG tried to explain how Deon had to step away from his emotions and be there for his wife. Hearing this, Deon broke down crying as he admitted there were a lot of emotions that he was holding back. He finally decided to speak about it while talking to the camera. 

Deon explained that when Carter passed away, he did not hold his body as he did not want to increase the bond that they had. He further added that he wanted to go on with his life without having the burden of the loss that he had felt. However, it did not prove to be helpful even after all these years.

Deon admitted that when he looks at Dawsyn, he cannot stop himself from making the comparison and that puts him in a tight spot. He further revealed that it is so much to handle in such a short time. Deon also added that he wanted to trade places with his daughter but he felt like there is not a lot that he could take. 

However, after a lot of thinking, he understood that it is important to be there for Dawsyn and Karen. Deon finally decided to go for the surgery and be there for his family. 

'Doubling Down With The Derricos' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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