'Doubling Down With The Derricos': After two heart surgeries and pneumonia, Dawsyn tests positive for Covid-19

Karen and Deon Derrico struggle to stay positive as they receive another bad news

                            'Doubling Down With The Derricos': After two heart surgeries and pneumonia, Dawsyn tests positive for Covid-19
Karen and Deon Derrico (TLC)

Karen and Deon Derrico felt happy when Dawsyn Derrico got the green light to come home and spend time with the family. However, their happiness was short lived when Karen noticed that Dawsyn was not feeling well. Speaking to the camera, Karen revealed that at around 3.30 am, Dawsyn woke up coughing.

She added that it was a sign that Dawsyn was going to throw up the food she had eaten. After some time, Karen noticed that Dawsyn did not feel well and was not responding. Fearing something bad might happen, Karen quickly rushed Dawsyn to the hospital. 

With Covid-19 all over the place, Karen was not too happy about making this move. Seeing her medical history, Karen knew Dawsyn was at high risk. To make sure they reduce all the possibilities of Covid-19 affecting their family, Deon was the only one who stepped out of the house. 

Despite this, seeing Dawsyn back in the hospital made Deon and Karen emotional as they questioned if this is how their life would be forever. After the doctors checked Dawsyn, they wanted to see if she had meningitis. Karen was shocked to hear this and wondered what more could happen to their family. 

The doctors also performed a mandatory Covid-19 test. The test came back positive and it shocked Karen. Even though the family had been taking all steps necessary to make sure she is fine, Karen could not believe that the result came back positive. The doctors informed Karen that there was a possibility the entire family had Covid-19. 

Karen admitted it was not the news she had thought would be announced. Fearing what fate was in store for them, Karen recalled how many people had been dying due to Covid-19. The family got together and decided to pray for Dawsyn's speedy recovery. The Derrico children hoped Dawsyn would be back home for her first birthday. 

Meanwhile, Karen tried to keep a brave face on for everyone in the hope that things would be fine soon. After spending some weeks in the hospital, Karen finally got the good news as doctors informed her that Dawsyn was good to go back home. Dawsyn managed to beat Covid-19 and the family was happy to have her back home again.

The season finale of 'Doubling Down With The Derricos' aired on September 22 at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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