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'Double Shot At Love': Derynn reveals Ricky cheated on her, says they are not together anymore

Everyone was happy about Derynn Paige and Ricky Rogers' relationship but things took an ugly turn when Derynn found out that he was seeing another woman
Ricky and Derynn (MTV)
Ricky and Derynn (MTV)

Derynn Paige and Ricky Rogers became the couple that everyone had been rooting for. The pair had a good time when they first met, but things did not go the way they had planned. Despite this, the pair decided to hang out and see where things would go from there. After spending a lot of time together, Ricky finally decided to ask Derynn on a date. 

The pair ended up having a good time where Derynn opened up about her past relationship and gave an idea of why she always had her guards up. Ricky too did not hesitate to be honest with her. Ricky admitted that being a stripper, he wanted to be with someone who would understand and trust him. 

The two had a good time and sealed the day with a kiss. As the show was coming to an end, Ricky decided to ask Derynn to be his girlfriend. While she had no hesitation in saying yes, she gave the relationship a second thought when he asked her to move in with him. Derynn was scared but decided to give it a shot. In the latest episode (October 8), the pair got back together for the reunion and gave an insight into what had been happening.

Derynn revealed that they are not seeing each other anymore and admitted she started dating him because she thought he was a good guy. Fans and the cast members were shocked to know they were not together. Shedding more light on what had happened, Derynn revealed that after the show she stayed with him for a while. The two decided to keep their relationship open and be in a long-distance commitment. However, they had to tell each other if they were talking to or seeing someone else. 

While the two agreed, Derynn was shocked to find out that Ricky had a girlfriend. She found out when her friend sent a TikTok of both of them hanging together. Ricky admitted he had made a big mistake as he should have put his attention into something that mattered than another girl. Ricky confessed he had thought it would be possible to go behind Derynn's back and be with the other girl.

While it is not known who she is, Derynn revealed she had been staying with Ricky for a month. He further added that they are not together anymore. Despite all this, Ricky revealed he would love to give their relationship another shot. Derynn did not seem too sure and stated someone will have to take her back to Vegas to find out if there is a possibility for them to get back together. 

The reunion for 'Double Shot At Love' aired on Thursday at 8 pm ET on MTV.