'Double Shot At Love': Pauly and Nikki confirm their relationship, excited fans call them 'power couple'

'Double Shot At Love': Pauly and Nikki confirm their relationship, excited fans call them 'power couple'
Pauly and Nikki (MTV)

Nikki Hall and Pauly D are dating! The couple finally confirmed their romance in the latest episode (October 1) of the show. The pair came together for the reunion special that was being hosted by Adrienne Bailon. While Pauly and Nikki first started the show by sitting in different rooms, they decided to surprise the fans when Bailon asked them about the relationship. 

Before the pair left the house they had decided to see how things went. As it turns out, the pair has been together ever since the show stopped filming. Pauly revealed it all started with Nikki occasionally coming and meeting him while he was performing his gig in different places. It later moved to her bringing her clothes, shoes and brush to his place. Nikki finally moved in with Pauly before the lockdown and the couple has been spending their time together ever since. Nikki made it clear that things have been going great between them as lockdown has helped them spend some quality time together. 

She further revealed that time has helped them understand each other better. Pauly admitted the lockdown helped their relationship as it allowed them to try different things together. Right from going on a ride to hicking, the pair seems to have many plans up their sleeves about how to spend their time together. When the show first started, everyone thought the pair would not see eye-to-eye. However, as time passed, things changed. Nikki and Pauly finally managed to come on the same page and by the end of the show, the pair confessed there was something special going on between them. 

Vinny Guadagnino hinted he had known about the relationship for a long time. He also added that Nikki might have never left the place and straight away gone to Pauly's house. While the pair did not comment on that, fans sure were happy to see the couple together. "I STAN!!!!! #Doubleshotatlove power couple af," read one comment. 



Another added, "PAULY AND NIKKI were SMILING HARD ASF WHEN THEY STARTED GOING IN ON DERYNN LMAOOOO." One more said, "This is so lovely! All these people who hate on Nikki for just being herself & loving somebody fiercely! And finally, getting that love back wholeheartedly from the person you know is your person! The vindication! I'm so happy for Pauly & Nikki for real!" 



"Omg the selfies they showed of Nikki and Pauly, I’m legit alllllll for these two. I always wanted Pauly to settle with a good woman and he finally met his match!" read another. 

'Double Shot At Love' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.

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