Double amputee Marine veteran denied ride at Six Flags for not having "two real legs"

Six Flags has issued an apology after a retired US Marine and double amputee claimed that he was refused entry to one of the park's rides.

                            Double amputee Marine veteran denied ride at Six Flags for not having "two real legs"
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A retired US Marine who is a double amputee claimed he was refused entry into one of the park's rides because he did not have "real legs". The franchise "Six Flags" issued an apology soon after.

On Sunday, Johnny "Joey" Jones tweeted that he "got kicked off" a ride after an employee noticed his prosthetic legs at Six Flags Over Georgia. Jones lost both his legs after being blown up in an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan in 2010, reported Fox News

In the past, Jones claimed, he has always been allowed to ride at similar attractions in Universal Studios. Jones also claimed that the employee let him stand in line and unlock the bar to help him get his legs inside before telling him that he is not allowed to sit on the ride due to his condition.

According to ride requirements for the park's Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride, visitors "must have one (1) functioning arm and one (1) functioning leg absent of prosthetic devices” in order to ride, Jones informed in a later tweet. 

Although the franchise apologized to the marine for the "inconvenience", they asserted that the rules which disabled Jones from sitting on the ride were designed with the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of "all our guests." “We apologize to Mr. Jones for any inconvenience; however, to ensure safety, guests with certain disabilities are restricted from riding certain rides and attractions. Our accessibility policy includes ride safety guidelines and the requirements of the federal American Disabilities Act.

"Our policies are customized by ride and developed for the safety of all our guests. Our policies and procedures are reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis to ensure we continue to accommodate the needs of our guests while simultaneously maintaining a safe environment for everyone."

However, Jones claimed that he did not see the ride's requirements that were posted at the entrance before getting in line. He went further to slam Six Flags by saying Universal had "better equipment to facilitate amputees to enjoy their rides, which is why he was allowed on similar rides in Universal Studios. 

Jones informed army veterans moments later that if they were "unlucky in their service", Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Disney Parks would move "(magic) mountains for you." He further mocked Six Flags by saying that its employees will tell you, “Nah bro, you gotta have two real legs,” a possible quote from the teenage employee who disallowed Jones.