Looks like Liam Hemsworth has got himself a rather amazing look-alike in Russian tennis player Karen Khachnov

Miley's boyfriend has officially entered the league of celebrities, including Beyonce and Adele, to have a look alike and he is all the way from Russia.

                            Looks like Liam Hemsworth has got himself a rather amazing look-alike in Russian tennis player Karen Khachnov

Until the whole world watched Rafael Nadal's game against the Russian player Karen Khachanov at the 2018 US Open, people were pretty much satisfied with the three Hemsworth brothers. However, after the match, it seems that fans got lucky because there is not just one Liam Hemsworth but two of them. Of course, the other one is the Russian tennis player who gave Nadal a good run for his money although Nadal ultimately bagged his position in the third round. 

However, in spite of the wonderful match and Nadal's glorious victory, fans were more interested in the man who left several under the speculation if that is actually Miley Cyrus' boyfriend. Many took to Twitter to express their astonishment at the look-alike who has a similar jawline as Liam's. 


Buzzfeed being the first to spot the similarity might just be the first outlet to bring Khachanov into the limelight of the paparazzi. However, the tennis player in his turn teased around with the fact a little as he tweeted Buzzfeed's article, claiming that he is the fourth brother. 


Probably this proves that doppelgangers are not a myth but a part and parcel of reality. In a study done by Michael J. Sheehan and Michael W. Nachman, it is said that human's faces evolved due to the importance of their individuality in the context of society.

The study also states that while humans are not genetically as diverse as other animal species, there are chances that some of our features might be completely identical to another individual. However, it is never the exact same thing. There has to be some difference. Having said that, it is quite endearing to see celebrities working alongside their doppelgangers during shoots. 

Only last month, Reese Witherspoon had introduced her fans to her body double, Marilee Lessley, who has worked with the 'Big Little Lies' actress in at least five movies. The two look exactly alike except for the fact that Witherspoon seems to have a broader smile than her doppelganger.