'Doom Patrol' makes a hilarious meta-reference to Alan Tudyk's role on 'Harley Quinn'

Mr. Nobody hasn't appeared on 'Doom Patrol' so far in Season 2 and it might just be because of 'Harley Quinn'

                            'Doom Patrol' makes a hilarious meta-reference to Alan Tudyk's role on 'Harley Quinn'
'Doom Patrol' and 'Harley Quinn' (DC Universe)

Spoilers for 'Doom Patrol' Season 2 Episode 7 'Dumb Patrol'

Fans of Alan Tudyk's wacky, weird and fourth-wall-breaking Mr. Nobody have been disappointed this season, with the villain noticeably absent so far. He's been trapped in a painting with the Beardhunter (Tommy Snider) and it looks like he won't be appearing for the rest of the season either, thanks to 'Harley Quinn.' 

When the team enters the magical canvas in search of the Scant Queen (Jhemma Ziegler), they run into one of the painting's residents, the Beardhunter. The Beardhunter appears to be alone and the team asks him where Mr. Nobody is. The Beardhunter mentions that he's gotten a "gig" elsewhere, at the same time that an ad for DC's 'Harley Quinn' flashes on the screen, in a little cross-show synergy for DC Universe.

Tudyk, of course, has had a busy season on DC's Universe's 'Harley Quinn,' Season 2. Not only has he provided the voice for Clayface and the Joker, but in addition, he's voiced the Condiment King, Doctor Trap, Calendar Man and even a singing fish during a musical number parodying 'The Little Mermaid.' All this voice work has apparently left little time for him to appear on 'Doom Patrol.' 

The meta-reference is very much in keeping with Mr. Nobody's MO - he's broken the fourth wall right from his very first appearance as the omniscient narrator in the show's pilot episode. One particularly memorable episode even saw Mr. Nobody surrounded by DC Universe and 'Doom Patrol' merchandise, complaining about the series' slow pace as he watches the show on his device, happy the group has finally gotten together as a superhero team.

With the focus on the Candlemaker (Lex Lang) as the season's Big Bad, it seems unlikely that Mr. Nobody will have a chance to appear in the rest of the season, which has already been reduced in length due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, with a wink and nod to the fans, Mr. Nobody's humor gets at least one trademark meta-joke in as consolation.

The next episode of 'Doom Patrol' airs July 30, on DC Universe and HBO Max. All episodes of 'Harley Quinn' are also available to stream on DC Universe. 

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