'Doom Patrol' Season 2, Episode 6 'Space Patrol': A 'Cliff-hanger' leaves fans wondering what Niles' plans are

The show's biggest twist took fans by surprise and they're debating on whether they should ever trust Niles again

                            'Doom Patrol' Season 2, Episode 6 'Space Patrol': A 'Cliff-hanger' leaves fans wondering what Niles' plans are
'Doom Patrol' (DC Universe)

Spoilers for 'Doom Patrol' Season 2 Episode 6 'Space Patrol'

While fans are used to utterly crazy and shocking moments, this episode's surprising cliffhanger involving Cliff Steele (Riley Shanahan/Brendan Fraser) has fans swearing up a storm at Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton) and wondering just what his plans for Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Shapiro) now are. 

After a deeply upset Dorothy steals a space shuttle and runs away to the moon, Niles exploits Cliff's need for an upgrade in order to get him to agree to rescue Dorothy from space. Once Dorothy is safe back on the shuttle, however, Niles immediately and without explanation kicks Cliff out of the airlock, sending him hurtling through the void. While nobody disagrees that Niles is the most morally compromised character on the show, he's thus far strayed from pure villainy, which is what makes this moment so shocking. 

"Niles is the ***ing worst omg," writes a fan, on Reddit. "OMFG YOU CAN'T END THE EPISODE ON THAT NOTE OMFG," exclaims a viewer. "Seriously **** niles though. What's he up to now?" asks a fan. Reactions contain enough swearing to make Cliff himself proud, but so far nobody has a satisfying answer in regards to Niles' motivations.

With no explanation as to why Niles got rid of Cliff so callously, fans are left speculating as to what the Chief's motivations are. "I was wondering if Niles planned to kill Dorothy upon her return to the spaceship, pulling a "+You wanted me to bring her to her death unguarded? -I always have been" on Cliff. Cards are still on the table, but I think I was on the right track," wonders one viewer. "Don't know whether he's not sending Dorothy back home, or he just pulled a Tesla on Cliff and left him to orbit the earth," questions another.

Some are mad enough at the Chief to not even care why he did what he did. "I really dont care if this was a plan or anything, Chief 100% ruined his chances of rekindling his relationship with Cliff by sending him out to orbit." One viewer notes, "Nile’s launching cliff into ever floating death is probably straight up murder. Cliff isn’t full robot, his brain is human." 

While this is hopefully not the last we've seen of Cliff, it may be the last time fans ever choose to trust Niles Caulder again - although as he spins in orbit around the Earth, that's probably of cold comfort to Cliff.

The next episode of 'Doom Patrol' airs July 23, on DC Universe and HBO Max.

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