'Doom Patrol' Season 2 Episode 4: Doom Manor party leaves fans in splits as they laud 'weirdest episode ever'

The arrival of the Sex Men, perverted ghosts and a party at Doom Manor are shining examples of the madness that the fans love the show for

                            'Doom Patrol' Season 2 Episode 4: Doom Manor party leaves fans in splits as they laud 'weirdest episode ever'
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Spoilers for 'Doom Patrol' Season 2 Episode 4 'Sex Patrol'

For once, the Dannyzens are not throwing a party ON Danny the Street, but FOR Danny the Street, and everyone's invited — the audience included. The fans tuned in for an episode that might just be the series' most fun yet. The party got taken up a notch, with the hilarious appearance of the "Sex Men", and viewers could not have enjoyed this episode more.

"Hi that was so good??????? best episode of season 2 so far methinks," writes a fan, on Twitter. A Reddit user writes, "Amazing episode! I truly loved every single minute of this one. I'll miss Danny and the Dannyzens." "This is one of the weirdest and most amazing episodes I’ve ever seen. Loved it," writes another. "Anyway... another solid episode. The scenes with the ghosts and portal had me laughing out loud," says a third. "What a ridiculous hour of television. I loved every second of it!" writes this viewer.

The subplot with the Sex Men that dominated the second half of the episode was a big hit with the fans. "I love the Sex Men, especially the jazz music that plays at times they mention innuendos. And this was the high-level ridiculousness I've been waiting for since the season started," writes a fan, adding, "I mean drawing the attention of a sex demon with a periscope on his head from Nepal that through absorbing sexual energy will give birth to a magic baby whose cry will usher in a world with no children and filled with hedonistic sexual energy causing a sexpocalypse, is the kind of explanation that would just leave my friends confused as hell. I love it." Fans couldn't get enough of the Sex Men. "When I think the episode can’t get any better, the SeX Men and the sex ghosts appear, I love this show so much" writes a fan. 

The weirdness at Doom Manor never stops, but that's what the fans love it for — especially since the show never once abandons its heart. "The latest episode of #DoomPatrol aka s2 ep 4 Sex Patrol had me scream wtf 5 times and cried once during the Dorothy singing scene. Another fabulous episode." 

The next episode of 'Doom Patrol' airs July 9, on DC Universe.

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